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Great blog post on weaning



  • Jenny_Rose77
    Jenny_Rose77 Posts: 418 Member
    Ok, I must be hormonal, because I cried just thinking about it. Gideon is turning 9 months on Sunday, and we are nowhere near ready to wean. I don't think I could do it cold-turkey. I'm pretty sure it's going to have to be gradual.
  • Mrshotwing
    Mrshotwing Posts: 166 Member
    I agree! Gavin just turned 7 months. i am thankful i have been able to continue to nurse and supply him with enough milk while i am at work as well. It sure has not been easy but i look foward to nursing him when i get home from work.
  • graycalico
    graycalico Posts: 30 Member
    I don't wean. I'm letting my ds naturally self wean, within reason. He just turned 2.