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    Wow... Not an easy week!

    Well done to the sharks... Looks like you had a great week. I am glad it wasn't a clean sweep for you though!! ;)
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    So incredibly proud of the sharks :bigsmile:

    But don't think that last week's success means we will go easy on you this week!

    Love this week's challenge Sheri! Thanks for making us all move more :flowerforyou:
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    Great job everyone who made it thru last week. Sorry we lost some for whatever reason. Hopefully they still stay with us. Super job Hypallage!!!
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    Just woke up and thought about a clarification I NEED to make!

    On the EM points....That is STRICTLY Monday - Friday This Week - NO Sunday (today) or next Saturday Morning #'s will count!!!!!!!

    If Team Leaders can post that they read this so I know it will go back to your team....since its a Points And Bonus Points opportunity...with ALL the different time zones and countries we have - the 5 FULL Real Days of the Challenge are all that will count towards it so no one has more or less time with the partial or optional days.

    Thats the main clarification...the more obvious...but I'll just reiterate....NOTHING you do for your points here counts ANYWHERE else...this is All EXTRA Movement stuff!! And does not need to be workout intensity....But Is creating extra ways to MOVE in your day!

    Have a Fabulous Week ALL!! You guys Are So Amazing and Totally ROCK!! :love:
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    Do 'Extra Movement' points count today (Sunday) too, or just Monday-Saturday?

    edit...looks like we were typing at the same time!
    Got it...thanks for the clarification!
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    Great job this week everyone!
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    Wow - have just read the challenge - it is usually late on Sunday or early Monday when I get to see it. Well done Sharks ... what a wonderful team.:heart:

    Also well done Heather for giving the Dolphins at least one of the top 5 spots .... but nevertheless I am going to shout

    GO SHARKS GO :laugh:

    Thanks for another great week Sheri.