Getting back on track

I am pregnant with my first baby and due on July 13th. A few years ago I tipped the scales at 270 pounds, and worked my way down slowly but surely. Unfortunately, I have really fallen back in to old eating habits, and with a lack of exercising, I have managed to gain 23 pounds already at my 22 week check-up. I need to stop!

I am very lucky to have a great man in my life. He is a gym rat, I won't lie. He is super built, handsome, and loves me the way I am. In fact, he prefers women with a little meat to them, so he has appreciated my weight gain much more than I have. He has also made a commitment to help me lose it afterwards though. We have agreed to do it together, and I love that. For now though, I have a responsibility to myself to get it right. I don't want to blow all of the progress I made before I was pregnant, and I want to be easily able to get back to it when the doctor gives me the clear.

So, I am not looking to "diet", but I do need to start tracking my calories and working out again. We just got back from a mini-vacation, so I figure tomorrow is my "first day" all over again. My goal is no more than 5 pounds a month for the remaining months of my pregnancy, and that still puts me way over the recommended weight gain. steps haha. Wish me luck :).


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    I sent you a friend request.. I'm due July 9th. I am counting my calories and trying to do at least one activity per day (walk, yoga, DVD... something!) Hope to see you around!
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    Good luck! It's never too late to start. You can surely do it :)
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    I am in a similar boat and recommitted myself yesterday to getting back on track! I had lost a lot of weight while my husband was deployed, but once he got home last July, my healthy eating habits and exercise when out the window. I put on 15-20lbs before getting pregnant. I thought I'd be able to drop it easily, but I wasn't b/c I really hate limiting food, but also am not consistent with daily exercise. Anyway, I started this pregnancy almost 10lbs more than I started my last one and have already gained 10lbs in 12 weeks! (I finally weighed myself yesterday when I started over). I'm back to tracking and daily exercise and hope to maintain this weight for several weeks so that I can sort of "catch up", so to speak. This is my 3rd pregnancy and I've gained 45lbs the other two times, despite eating healthy and exercising during my last one. I sort of feel doomed to gain that much again, but I'm really going to try to limit it if its in my power! Adding you for support! :)
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    I started on MFP when I was at my all time highest weight. I managed to lose some before getting pregnant. I am now (at only 26weeks) getting really close to that highest weight number again. I know I am going to hit it, and even pass it. But, I also know I have proven tonmyself I have the power to take it off. My goal for now is no more than 1 lb a week the rest of my pregnancy.
    We can take it off after the baby is born together :)
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    Am due June (9th) and am the heaviest I have ever been - trying not to stress about it as bp is low and mid-wife seems happy that am healthy. Some days I have good healthy days with lots of fruit and veg and others are terrible. Stopped running in December and now down to walking the dog, swimming, pilates and yoga (although very slowly). REcently re-joined MFP As thought it might help to focus me on healthy eating. as Hiba_84 its never too late to start - have 13 weeks until the spud arrives and am going to try and make them my healthiest yet xx
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    Good for you!! We are in similar boats (just sent you a friend request!) I'm 21 weeks, due July 19th. I gained 20lbs in 20weeks and decided enough was enough. I have MFP set to 2000 cals now, which is I think "lose .5lbs a week" - my OB said it was ok, and I was obviously gaining plenty with the 2300 cals I had it set to (not that I was meeting goal very often). I'm on day 9 of logging everything and staying within my goal and I managed to not gain anything this week!! YAYYY! If I can hold off gaining a few more weeks (or more!) then just gain small amounts later on, I should be golden. Good luck!
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    I would say definitely work on getting your eating back on track and getting exercise in but don't worry as much about sticking to a certain number of lbs per month. I have been eating pretty healthy (with the exception of a muffin here or a valentines chocolate there) but when I'm tracking i'm RARELY over the 2000 calls a day mark plus still going to the gym 4x a week with cardio and weight lifting and I've still gained 25 lbs at 26 weeks. My doctor says I'm in perfect health and my Glucose test came back with numbers so low he said I'll pretty much never have to worry about diabetes.

    As long as your doctor isn't concerned, try to be as healthy as you can but don't fret over the numbers.

    This last month I REALLY had to give myself a talking to as I felt bad about how much I had gained and started to almost get depressed about the whole thing. I even stopped going into the "how much have you gained" thread because it was making me feel horrible even though logically I know everyone's bodies are different.

    Here's to a happy and healthy pregnancy!
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    I'm due April 20th so only 5.5 weeks to go now. This is my third baby (my first is nearly 5 and my second nearly 3) and I lost nearly 70lbs after my 2nd before getting pregnant this time, so I started this pregnancy about 14lbs lighter than I started my first pregnancy.

    I haven't even weighed myself since 12.5 weeks, and that was only because I had to.

    I've been focusing on exercising and eating as healthily as possible. I have to admit in the past few weeks I've been so tired that I've eaten a few too many sweet treats, but I am generally under my calorie goal. Luckily I'm not a fan of junk food so my main meals are always healthy and I usually get lots of veg and fruit in.

    This is my last week at work (I'm a teacher) so next week I'll have the time for a bit more exercise, and I'll hopefully get some rest too so won't feel the need to resort to chocolate!

    On average I've exercised 4 times a week, as well as taking lots of walks with my kids, so I'm hoping I won't have too much to lose after.

    I will be upset if I've gained a lot, because I've been so good and done everything right, but some women do just gain in pregnancy.
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    I'm due about a month after you. I have been slack at tracking, haven't piled on too much weight (yet - only 17 weeks now) but I want to make sure I am healthy and eating the most nutritious foods for my baby. This is my first so not sure how big I will end up getting - not as concerned about the final number than I am about being healthy. So I am back to tracking here as that keeps me motivated.

    I find even going for a short walk is enough to keep ticking over the exercise without being too strenuous or difficult to fit into the day. Also, I am really loving my antenatal aqua class. Because its specifically designed for us pregnant ladies you get a workout without feeling like you are working too hard. I find that if I'm doing a bit of exercise I stress less over what I am eating :) I've almost reached the point of being back at my heaviest weight (lost weight over a 6 month period before getting pregnant) and know I will go far past that by the end so getting over the mental aspect of the putting on weight is sometimes a bit daunting (even though I know we are supposed to gain weight)