Relapse and Come Back Stories

Hi all,
I've recently lost a considerable amount of weight, but I have been struggling off and on this whole month with relapse. My food choices are becoming poor and I am slacking off a little on my exercise. I started my journey on December 24th, 2012 and here we are in November 2013. So far, this has been the toughest few months I've struggled with this year.

I would love to hear some relapse and recovery stories. I am a lesbian, always have been. Feel free to add me as a friend!



  • Hey there!

    I've totally been there. Went from 360 to 197. 197 was this past February. Shot back up to 242 as of December 1st. Kinda went through a bit of depression. Got back on the saddle that day and now I'm at 229 and headed back down.

    I decided that the only one who was going to be able to pull me out of the funk was me. The first few days were horrible, but now I'm into the groove with this being the focus. As long as I keep my fitness as the priority, I think I'll be just fine.

    It's so easy to lose sight of this, but it just happens to all of us from time to time.
  • Alex729
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    My relapse story is that I'm back again and at my highest weight ever. I'm also working towards weight loss surgery within 2-3 months. I'm currently working on building good habits so that my mind plays along with my new body in the coming months.
  • I recently got into a funk with severe depression because of personal matters and my eating plan was the first to become impacted. The more I had the "I don't care attitude" the worse my eating became. I saw myself putting back on weight, making poor choices, and feeling physically and emotionally sick. I decided to get back into a routine because, when I felt my best, is when I was following a healthy eating plan. The more I found myself sticking to my plan, regardless what was occurring around me, the stronger my state of mind became!

    Good luck to you!
  • onemoc
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    I am currently hitting a bit of an anorexic relapse- so the weight is coming off (just a smidge too fast)... I suspect it's because I'm having to adjust for a new job with new hours, that and I am fairly stressed right now.
  • About a year and a half ago I lost about 45 pounds. Was still above "normal" or whatever, but I stopped trying to lose and maintained for many months. Sounds like a pretty common story - had a bout of severe depression this fall/winter and gained almost 20 pounds. For me, when I am depressed, I eat just a little bit more than I should to maintain and keep exercising but start drinking about 2 drinks most nights. Nothing super insane, but that's a lot of calories. So here I am now, counting calories with some accountability in a way that will hopefully prevent the ED swings that have made my weight fluctuate by 100 pounds throughout my life.
  • Liverpool_Chris
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    I was doing really well, going to the gym 5 times a week, eating healthily and loving all the complimentary comments from friends and colleagues, then one night, I was severely assaulted, broke my cheekbone and eye socket, requiring surgery and suffered brain damage (fortunately not permanent), I've had longer term issues which required physio.

    So, almost 12 months on, I'm starting again. It's tough, but am gonna get back in that gym!
  • LoveToWork
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    Been there too. Started 6/2011 at 236 lbs and worked hard for a year and got down to 170. Stayed good till the middle of last year when I just went nuts, again. The holidays really killed me and I hit 210 before I called a halt. I have been back at exercise and eating better since 1/15/2014. Even entered a 5K walk coming up this weekend. Boy that was good to keep me getting on the tread mill every day. :). Love to have new friends if you need one.
  • TattedInStilettos
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    I lost 50lbs then I slowly gained bout 15lbs back with a side of depression... it's like no matter what I did the weight just sat there... then I met my girlfriend and suddenly my attitude change for the best... I can say im happy then ever and im starting back losing weight again yay...
  • AZ_Danny
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    Looks like there's a pattern here lol. Me too. In my case I lose 10 lbs, get a several month bout of depression, gain 20-25 lbs. Always maintaining a pattern of net weight gain. This time around I'm going on a weight loss plan through a local clinic AND making sure I get my depression treated. I'm now up to 301 lbs... and I remember just 8 short years ago crying my eyes out and wanting to die because I couldn't believe I reached 200 lbs. Ugh, what I'd give to go back to 200 lbs again!

    I'm hoping this time will be the time as my diabetic mother died when she was 35 and I'm 28 and I'm not ready to die in 7 years so for me this is becoming a "now or never" situation (even though I'm otherwise relatively healthy, I'm SO tired of buying new pants every few months because I wore a hole in the crotch!)
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    In October of 2009 I had bariatric surgery that got me down to 165 in 2010. I maintained, which was easy at that time in my life. I was working a very active job (up and down countless flights of stairs, cleaning, moving, etc) and had a discounted gym membership. First I was forced to leave my job, lost out on my gym membership. In 2011, I moved with my girlfriend. I battled depression and job loss tempered with little to no exercise. My weight went from 165 to 180. I maintained there until about 2012, when it started creeping up again to the 190's. Last year at this time, I really wanted to re-dedicate myself and focus on weight loss. I ate carb free for about 5 days and dropped back into the 170's. However, I was unable to maintain and turned back to bad food choices combined with no exercise. My weight went up and up. This year I stepped onto the scale and saw 214. It nearly broke me, but did help my resolve. Since then, I have re-committed to the gym, focusing on not binge eating, and again looking at the long term life choices that reflect in my weight. I'm starting this journey again and it's felt harder than ever before.