Save the Pitbull or Kill It?

Gilbrod Posts: 1,216 Member

So, a pitbull almost kills a boy. Normally, from what I'm used to seeing, these dogs are put down ASAP, regardless of circumstances. I have had friends have it happen to before. I've never been through it before. I have had a pitbull, and he died of old age. Only growled at my step dad because he sensed his fear I guess. Ive reached into his bowl millions of times and never had an issue. Now if my dog ever bit anyone or mauled anyone, I would put it down in no time at all. This dog seems to have lots of support. What would you do? What do you think?


  • clydethecat
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    this is f'd up. that dog should be put down. the people who know the dog think is should be put down. that kid needs support and isnt getting it. this is just f'd. that poor kid. that poor mom of that poor kid.

    why choose this as a cause? its sick. and sad. and f'd.
  • wild_wild_life
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    I don't understand the outcry to save the dog. Dogs are euthanized every day for less than this.
  • vim_n_vigor
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    So, the dog already killed a puppy, and now viciously attacked a child, and people think that he should be saved? This is pretty messed up. The dog will attack again. If my 10 month old goes near my dog when she has her bone, she gets up and walks away, she doesn't maul him.
  • odusgolp
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    The breed of the dog doesn't matter... for whatever reason, he's killed a pup and nearly killed a kid. I'm in support of euthanizing lil' Mickey and I'm a huge animal lover. Animals are put down all the time for doing... nothing.
  • BondBomb
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    I don't care if it a teacup poodle. If it killed a kid put it down.
    KANGOOJUMPS Posts: 6,472 Member
    yep, bye bye doggy.
  • TheRoadDog
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    I'd shoot the Pope if he harmed one of my children. You do the math.