St Louis Renaissance Faire (aka Lots of walking on hills)

Morgaath Posts: 679 Member
The St Louis Renaissance Faire is going on in Wentzville MO for the next 3 weekends. ---
It is a hilly, gravel road, walking experience. Plus you can toss cabers.
If you can make it out of there without burning 3000 cals, you did not see the faire.

Truthfully, all of these big, outdoor, events will help you burn a ton of cals while you are having fun.
Just stay away from the deep fried Oreos. More cals in those then I want to think about.


  • eAddict
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    We made it out Sunday. I managed to stay away from all the excess but my daughters feel for all things deep fried: oreos and donuts. According to my FitBit we did walk a bit over 3 miles that day though. Probably half of that to/from our car!
  • Morgaath
    Morgaath Posts: 679 Member of the things the new owners are going to be looking at, as we doubled last years attendance numbers, and know we can get more people easily, as the St. C County Faire (in the same same park) has about 18,000 per day compared to our 6,000. I am expecting shuttles.

    As to the deep fried...they deliver the stuff to my booth as the owners of those shops are good friends of ours. I make sure to limit myself on it, even though I know I am burning a ton of cals dancing and fanning in front of the booth. I'd rather keep the cals for cider, mead, and rum :-)

    According to my Bodymedia, 8.4miles & 4,225cals Sat, and 9.2miles & 3,816cals Sun.
    Yesterday, I hurt in good ways.