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So is it just me or is everyone sick of seeing everyone's diet/exercise posts on fb? I am working out and watching my diet...you know just doing my own thing. I am super happy to support people, but it's a little overboard to see pictures of their food, check in at the gym, and status updates on the routine TWO OR THREE TIMES A DAY. Sure I get it, its a way to keep yourself in check and accountable to people, but seriously?!?! One update a day is plenty! ok rant over.


  • prplrose33
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    Oh my gosh yes!!! One of my really good friends is a marathon runner and every single post is about her run, running gear, and the next big race. I finally just had to unfollow her posts so I didn't have to see them anymore. I've done that to a couple other people that post about food and how bad certain things are and what their next meal is going to be. Yeah I get it, you don't eat processed foods and gluten is the devil, but seriously. so over it. haha
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    Thank you! I feel bad for being so negative, but I'm glad i'm not the only one!
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    I have friends who do this, and I find it inspiring most of the time, but I have one friend who's eating "clean" and works out at some boutique fitness place almost every day, sometimes twice a day. Her workouts look great (lots of strength work), but her posts get ridiculous as far as body pics, pictures of her meals and grocery cart, etc. I wouldn't mind that if she didn't also post fitspo crap. I love her, and I'm proud of her progress, but sometimes it feels like she's shoving it in everyone's face. If I didn't have kids and didn't need to work, I'd be able to put that kind of effort into my fitness, too!

    It's just one kind of annoying Facebook post, though. Don't get me started on the lovey-dovey couples (which I think is often a sign of insecurity). I roll my eyes, move on, and try not to be that annoying person who constantly posts pictures and updates about her kids.