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I cut up my Lane Bryant and Avenue credit cards. I don't have to shop there any more :-)


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    That's a good NSV!
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    I'll bet you were laughing the whole time you did it, too!
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    Congratulations!!! Now to Ann Taylor Loft! Enjoy!
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    Excellent! That is a NSV I would relish!
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    Yeah. That must have been an amazing feeling. Way to go. :smile: :flowerforyou:
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    LOL That's awesome!
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    That had to feel spectacular!!! :)
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    Fantastic!!???? I loved walking by the Lane Bryant store, I always shopped at, this weekend and walked into a regular store. :)
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    Good for you!
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    WOO HOO!!!
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    Love it! I only go into LB anymore becaue I love their bras. I will continue to get them there until I am below their smallest band size. But I never buy their clothes anymore even though at an 18 I can. Now that I can shop in "regular" stores, I just don't want to buy clothes there!
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    Way to go!!
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    What does NSV mean
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    That's a great NSV, congrats!!
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    What does NSV mean

    Non-scale victory. Something that you do that you haven't done in years, shopping out of the regular people racks/stores, etc. oing back to walking the golf course (for 9) was my most recent big one.
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