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Today was my first run outside! Always been afraid of running outside but I loved it! I got my butt kicked as I'm new to running. My right foot went numb for awhile but got better and I had cramps. Tips are appreciated! I also didn't take water because I didn't want to carry it....what does everyone else do?


  • _Waffle_
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    I don't carry water unless it's over 10 miles and 80 degrees. Advice? Just take it slow and easy. Don't try to up your distance or speed by more than 10% a week. Some pain and discomfort later or the next morning is okay but don't push your luck if it hurts during a run. Ice on your shins after a run might be just the thing. Oh and dirt > asphalt > concrete. Choose softer surfaces if you can.

    Running outside during a sunrise is better than any drug. I'll be out there in the morning at 6:00 am.
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    After a year of running only on treadmills (mostly intervals) I moved over to running outside in late winter. Can't stand the thought of running on treadmills now and love outdoor running.

    Also love to run early in the morning at dawn so I can enjoy the coolest part of the day and see the sunrise.
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    I actually hated running outside the first time I did it, because the pavement was so much harder on my body than the treadmill. Very shortly thereafter though, I started to appreciate my outdoor runs, and I now hate running on the treadmill. :-) I've run up to 6 miles at a time without water, but I always make sure I have water available at the end of my run and drink water beforehand as well. If I run much further or in really hot weather, I'll probably have to figure something else out. I have a loop that I run around my neighborhood, so longer runs are often 2+ loops; if you have a situation like that, you could stash water along the route and grab it as you go?
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    Congrats getting outside. I did my first 2-3 months on a treadmill, so I can commiserate that getting outside is quite a change. It's initially tougher, but as you acclimate you'll find it's not necessarily harder, but just different. Pavement/asphalt is different for everone. Initially, I wouldn't be surprised if you'd need to slow down while you get used to real terrain. Always better to settle into a slower pace initially.

    If you've been used to having water on a treadmill, i'd say take it with you as you first start out - doesn't have to be a heavy 20oz bottle, 4oz will suffice to keep your mouth from drying out.

    Best of luck!
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    I really can't stand running on the treadmill and almost always run outside - it's fun picking a slightly different route and seeing different things, experiencing the weather, etc. I've been out in the rain, snow, etc. and even though it might feel like a battle while I'm running, the great feeling later on is worth it.
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    Congrats. I don't often bring water unless I am running for longer than an hour. I like to base my standard outdoor runs on effort where I can breathe in and out through my nose or can carry on a conversation. If you are switching from a treadmill to running outdoors, you will engage different muscles based on running over the terrain, balancing yourself and running downhill slopes. This could give you some aches the day after the run or potentially during the run. Enjoy.
    I just experienced the coolest outdoor running for me - barefoot running on an ocean beach.
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    I just recently made the change from indoor to outdoor running and have been really struggling with my breathing. Inside I am able to run for 6-7 minutes without struggling with the cardio and outside I can't do half of that without my lungs burning...

    To my best knowledge, I do not have any allergies. I focus on breathing in through my nose and out through my mouth to prevent my airways from getting dried out, and I try to maintain a slow-ish pace.

    Does anyone have any advice for coping with this?