i know it is summer, but come on people where are you *listens to the sound of my voice echo off the walls*.....


  • hmrambling
    hmrambling Posts: 321 Member
    I just joined. Glad this group is here. Glad to see y'all.
  • starfinder76
    starfinder76 Posts: 2 Member
    Hello :)
  • ibtiamat
    ibtiamat Posts: 26 Member
    Yeah, there aren't very many members, so it is not going to be very active. I'm about to leave this group...
  • ThePinkPanda
    ThePinkPanda Posts: 208 Member
    yeah this group is not active at all. i recommend coming on over to the lgbt group :) it's pretty active, especially compared to this one lol.
  • AimieJay
    AimieJay Posts: 3 Member
    Just joined the group but sounds like it isn't really functioning...
    I have about 80lbs to lose. I recently broke up with my girlfriend of 8 years and am trying to focus on myself for a little bit. I am recommitting to tracking my food daily.
  • jobrandes
    jobrandes Posts: 136 Member
    Hello folks! I have been a complete lazy *kitten* for the last year and really need to get back on it. I can't believe how bad I have been. I am ready to start up again and get back in the shape I was. Oy!