Side Quest: Rock Me, Amadeus!

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Side quests can be completed at any time.

Our traveling merchant and minstrel Crazy Wolfgang needs some inspiration to help stave off boredom and compose new music during his long travels throughout the wastelands. You can help Crazy Wolfgang by activating five signal transmitters for his portable transistor radio. However, if you really want to inspire Wolfgang, he requests you travel to Vault 92 to retrieve [Pristine Sheet Music] and [Agatha's Harpsichord].

Quest Objectives
-activate five signal transmitters (ie. suggest five or more songs for Wolfgang's playlist)
(optional): ambush Crazy Wolfgang's caravan and loot his wares.
(optional): travel to Vault 92.

Quest Rewards
-50 XP
-25 silver
-Good Karma (+10)
-[Crazy Wolfgang's Wild Savings Card]: 10% discount at the item shop


If you ambush Crazy Wolfgang
-100 XP
-50 silver
-Negative Karma (-25)
-1 vial of Jet, 1 Star Sunset Sarsaparilla Cap, 1 Tin Can, 1 Evil Garden Gnome


  • Songs:
    Fort Minor, Remember the name
    Gym Class Heroes, The Fighter ft Ryan Teddy
    Trap Party, Caked Up Remix, Miley Cyrus' Wrecking Ball
    Busta Rhymes, We Made It ft Linkin Park
    Fall Out Boy, Thanks for the Memories

    travel to Vault 92.
    Overseer Edit: One night and one more time...!!!
  • JunonSailorStyle
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    ^Nice choices :-D

    Fall Out Boy - Sugar, We're Goin Down :-)
    Linkin Park - Faint
    Promises - Nero
    Possum Kingdom - Toadies
    Red Alert! - Basement Jaxx

    Hitchin' a ride to Vault 32 as well...

    Overseer Edit:
    10/10 as well. Would bang. Also Vault 92, not 32 :P
  • Thanks :)
    I hadn't heard of your bottom three. I think I may have enjoyed the video to Red Alert! more than necessary. I've been serial listening to it lol
  • daybehavior
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    Thanks for the wonderful tracks Jimmy and that very nice message. We did this last year so I have most of the groundwork laid out but its still a trial and error thing. Smash that board, man!

    The trip to Vault 92 will done in a separate quest because it has different mechanics.

    Haha, yes the video to Red Alert is pretty cool.
  • bomftdrum
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    Survivor - Eye of the Tiger
    Sara Evans- A Little Bit Stronger
    Aaron Shust- My Savior My God
    Florida Georgia Line - Stay
    3 Door Down - When I'm Gone

    I think I will head to Vault 92 as well.

    Overseer Edit: Rocky!!!
  • ThePinkPanda
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    Bjork- army of me (this is like, my power song when weight lifting haha)
    Metric- Breathing Underwater
    Metric- youth without youth
    Ladytron- destroy everything you touch
    The Sounds- rock n roll
    Rancid- Maxwell Murder

    i'll venture on over to the vault 92 as well.

    Overseer Edit Love The Sounds! :)
  • kmbweber2014
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    "This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race" by Fall Out Boy
    "Can't Hold Us" by Macklemore
    "Love Drunk" by Boys Like Girls
    "Trouble" by P!nk
    "Turn To Me" (Supreme & MOB 2010 Remix. by Trinity)

    I'm going to ambush.

    Overseer Edit: YESSS love those!
  • daybehavior
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    You've lost Karma... (-25) :P

    But you got some good stuff :)
  • hismogwai
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    Bowling for soup: BFFF
    Pink: Try
    Stereophonics:A Thousand Trees
    Jamie T : Sticks and stones
    Eminem: Lose yourself

    I'll go to vault 92 =)
  • nicca_jb
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    My song recommendations are:

    "The Other Side" - Pendulum:
    "Voodoo People" - The Prodigy:
    "Battle Without Honor or Humanity" - Tomoyasu Hotei:
    "Sin" - Nine Inch Nails:
    "Juke Joint Jezebel" - KMFDM:

    Definitely going for vault 92!
  • ReinasWrath
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    Marina and the Diamonds- Mowgli's Road
    Three Days Grace- Chalk Outline
    Inner PartySystem- Don't Stop
    Lana Del Rey- Lolita
    Lily Allen - Alfie

    Heading for vault 92!
  • AlwaysBigSteve
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    Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard - Hungry (NSFW)
    Daft Punk - Harder Better Faster Stronger - (
    AWOLNATION - Sail (Something about the backbeat, I go go that extra mile)
    3OH!3 - Touchin' on your (Sexy music always good for working out)
    B.O.B Bombs away (The lyrics are spot on!)
    I can keep going...

    Heading to the vault listening to my tunes.
  • Listeninguponyou
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    T.I- Top Back
    Eminem- Lose Yourself
    Peter Bjorn and John- Second Chance
    Dexy's Midnight Runners- Come on Eileen
    Queen- Another one bites the dust.

    (that is a very odd mix of music, but it always gets me ready)

    Going to Vault 92!
  • Crazy Wolfgang says thank you for the music everyone! The Overseer has not released any details to regarding the Vault 92 trip so unfortunately we will have to wait.
  • marieamethyst
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    Coheed and Cambria - Here We Are Juggernaut
    Evanescence - Sweet Sacrifice
    Within Temptation - Our Solemn Hour
    Linkin Park - The Catalyst
    Fall Out Boy - Alone Together

    Heading to Vault 92!
  • lazydanthaman
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    1. Lindsey Stirling "We Are Giants"
    2. Deadmau5 "I Remember"
    3. Zedd "Spectrum"
    4. Hardwell "Apollo"
    5. Adventure Club & Krewella "Rise & Fall"

    I will travel to Vault 92!
  • chism21
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    My traveling songs:

    Fall Out Boy, dance dance
    Bastille, Pompeii
    Imagine Dragons, Radioactive
    Philip Philips, Gone gone Gone
    Gavin Degraw, Soldier ( 100x a day!!!)

    In my way to the vault!
  • daybehavior
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    Wow is it any coincidence we have so many Fall Out Boy fans :P
  • chism21
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    Wow is it any coincidence we have so many Fall Out Boy fans :P
    well they are just a good band that their songs inspire to workout
  • daybehavior
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    Yeah they really truly are :) I finally got around to listening to the Night Visions album by Imagine Dragons. Absolutely amazing group!