Ladies: Shapers, Support and Compression Garments

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I have a lot of excess skin on my upper arms and thighs. I only wear 3/4 length or long sleeves and carpis, crop or long pants. My one and only skirt is ankle length (thank God that style came back!). Today I have on my skirt. Now understand pantyhose is impossible because of the difference between my size 16 waist and my size 22 thighs. And today for the first time, I am noticing a slapping sound when I walk. Yes, my thighs are making noise. I do believe it's time for some kind of an undergarment but before I go looking for one thought I would ask for suggestions from you all. I already have an above the waist shaper for all that excess tummy skin. I would assume that whatever I get for below the waist will need to be at least capri length. Any suggestions would be very welcome!


  • Losing_Sarah
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    Ha, ha! I love that, "yes, my thighs are making noise"

    I personally have this thing that is like bike shorts and also goes to just under the breasts. Does the tummy & thighs all in one. I wear this when wearing knee-ish length skirts or dresses.

    I have also just worn capri yoga leggings that I got from Old Navy. They are nice and taught and keep me comfortable when wearing a longer skirt.
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    Jockey makes some bike short type underwear that I like to wear under skirts, they keep you from chaffing and keep the "noise" down but yet aren't restrictive like a compression garment. I think they call them a slipshort, they come high waisted, up to under your bra or shorter like normal underwear.
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    I really like this brand and I like these for under my dresses ...they are affordable...Walmart has maidenform brand that is really good too..
  • teachren
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    I second the Old Navy compression work out garments. Right now I am actually wearing their bike short as the bottom to my bathing suit! My legs are small...but seriously "crepey" with hanging skin down to just above my knee.

    I looked into ordering bike short style swim wear and it was uber expensive in Canada so I tried the compression shorts for 15 bucks on a sale from Old Navy and love them.

    Luckily, my thighs no longer rub! Ya hoo...but they do make noise when I am working out so I like to wear a compression garment. The great thing about them over the traditional style "tummy suckers" is that they breathe so you don't end up sweating "down there" which creates all sorts of other problems.