Where are you from and what's your favourite local dish?

Hey ****lords! I'm from Southern Italy and in all honesty one of the reasons I've gained weight is because I love cooking and baking. And the fact that here pasta and bread are staples. Plus pizza. But, once I've decided to really lose weight this has helped me a lot because I love learning new ways of cooking stuff and I know a couple of tricks to stay low cal without losing too much flavor. Now I want to learn some new dish!

One of my favourites ever is the Eggplant Parmesan which is basically a sort of lasagna but with eggplant slices instead of pasta. In the usual recipe you fry the slices, make the first layer on the bottom of the baking tray then put a layer Parmacotto ham and a layer of mozzarella, followed by tomato sauce and a bit of grated parmesan cheese, reapeat for two or three layers and cover with another layer of eggplants, sauce and parmesan. To get at least part of this deliciousness I've started making it with grilled eggplants and without Parmesan cheese, it's close enough!


  • Zorchin
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    Midwest USA, not really much culinary culture here. Though they just opened up a Japanese steakhouse near me that is supposed to be pretty faithful to traditional Japanese cuisine. I have yet to check it out however. I don't really have a favorite dish from anywhere, though I am of Irish descent and quite fond of real shepherd's pie.
  • DiscoLiar
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    I'm from Kansas City, Kansas. My favorite dish is sushi at this place called Friend's Sushi. (Rainbow Roll) I also really ENJOY a big mac with large fries from McDonalds. People think i'm strange whenever I tell them this but in all truth it is one of the best tasting foods ever made. I don't think I could ever match Calire's meal haha. I just joined and can't wait to look at all my beetus brothers and sisters food diaries.
  • Calire91
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    Uh, I've never had Japanese (except instant noodles...) only Chinese, I'll try it out sometimes.

    And I ducking love McDonalds stuff. I only get it when my bf is in town, it's a cheat we allow ourselves to enjoy together, but the only McDonalds in my city is the one at the central station I walk through every day on my way to Uni... it's a terrible temptation :(
  • PapaverSomniferum
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    Here in mid-missouri, our regional dishes are KC BBQ, St. Louis Style Pizza, pork steaks, Cashew Chicken, and toasted ravioli.

    I do adore toasted cheese ravioli dipped in spicy marinara and maybe even ranch dressing, when I need to keep mah sugahs up.