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vegan4lyfe2012 Posts: 1,126 Member of my friends made a huge batch of salsa, which included avocado, and he pureed it. It's more of a sauce than what I would call a "salsa". Great flavor, but I'd rather use it as a sauce and I have about 8 cups left over. Which begs the question: Any ideas on what I should use it for? It's almost like a tomatillo sauce, but red. Bring on the suggestions!


  • vegwrangler
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    Sounds like a great base for gazpatcho. I would puree some cucumbers and mix it in. Garnish with cilantro.
  • vegwrangler
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    By the way, if you want to store some for later use in recipes, I would totally freeze some using ice cube trays then transfer to freezer bags when solid. It'll stay nice and happy for about 6 months.
  • vegan4lyfe2012
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    I definitely plan on freezing some. He went crazy making way too much for my son's graduation party :)

    Unfortunately, I don't care for cucumbers. Soup would be a good idea, though...maybe a black bean and corn you've got me thinkin'!
  • NuggetLovesEdie
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    Oooh... seconding the gazpacho.

    Enchilada sauce?
  • curlygirl513
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    over veggies and maybe beans in a warm corn tortilla, (Heat corn tortillas on a medium heat to medium high heat burner in frying pan on both sides till they soften)

    Or over or on the side of a ton of dishes with rice, veggies, or meat. Sounds like a lovely sauce to me btw.
  • KatyFace9801
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    how do you think it would taste on spaghetti squash?
  • vegan4lyfe2012
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    A warm corn tortilla sounds lovely!

    And I never would've thought about spaghetti squash!

    My Team Vegans never disappoint me!!

    Thanks bunches!!!
  • aldousmom
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    I would use it as a dressing for a southwestern or taco style salad, over pasta salad w/ black beans and corn, over a baked potato or sweet potato,
  • AleciaG724
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    I'd make a Mexican flatbread pizza and use it for the sauce. Or mexisagna with layers of veggies like zucchini, sweet peppers onions, garlic, etc and corn tortillas. Crumbled and seasoned tofu for the cheese...