tips for pregnancy calorie counting, new to this

I just found out I'm pregnant with my second child. My first I was over weight, tired, sick (pre eclampsia) and ate everything in site. I gained 50 pounds between over eating and pre eclampsia. I finally decided (at drs urging) enough was enough in febuary and decided to get healthy.

I want to continue to be healthy but not harm my baby. I'm 220 pounds currently. Some people told me to keep eating at one pound a week loss, others say add calories. Wondering what real mommies are doing. Don't see my dr until the 27th. Have only seen his nurse for blood test to confirm and date my pregnancy. They are saying as early as 6 weeks or as late as 8 weeks.


  • I'm keeping my calories at maintenance. I started around the same weight as you. So far I've gained 17lb at 31.5 weeks. My goal is to not gain more than 20, but I think 25 is more realistic at this point. Some moms on here are eating at a deficit, but my doctor advised me not to.
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    So far I've been just eating when hungry as normal and I haven't went over my normal one pound loss calorie goal. But I've been full. So at this point since I feel full I'm just doing my norm.

    Thanks for some advice! Much appreicated!
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    The fact I'm still losing scares me a little though
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    So this is what i did I eat 1500 mainteance then went up 300 cals for second trimseter 1800 cals 3rd trimester i went up to 500 more cals putting me at 2000 cals some days i stayed in them some days i dont i just tried and i wasnt going to beat my self up eating to much while pregant i was able to workout until the end of my 7th month I am 8 months now every thing just changed over night I get out of breath to easy to workout now and i get false contractions No Fun but I my baby is right on track and still gained the more then the 35 pounds they recommed you gain while pregant and i am not going to stress about that I eat healthy foods and maybe some bad sweets here and there but the most imporant thing to me is to have a healthy baby in Sept so thats my advice
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    I started eating at maintenance immediately, for the first trimester. When I hit the 2nd trimester, I increased my calories.

    If you are having issues hitting your pound loss goal, then eat more calorie dense foods. Cook with oil/butters/etc. You don't necessarily have to increase your quantity, just eat foods that are higher calorie.
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    I ate my maintenance calories during the first tri, along with half of my exercise calories back. I felt full and had minimum weight gain so I guess it was what worked for me. And then since the second tri started I have stayed at the maintenance calories, but I eat all of my exercise calories back. I also don't turn myself down if I want another snack ... I just keep it light and figure there is a good reason I'm so hungry! Pregnancy calories seem to vary for everyone just the same way that it does when you're trying to lose weight, so it's just a matter of finding what works for you. You could also talk to your doctor about it for some guidance.
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    Everything I have read says you do not need any additional calories during your first trimester. I changed mine from a 2lb loss (1200) to a 1 pound loss (1500) until my 2nd trimester at 14 weeks. After that I went to a .5lb loss (1720) and I'm 28 weeks today. I'm up 16lbs which is a few more than I wanted but I'll take it over the 30+ I was at already with my 1st pregnancy. I eat any where from 1600-1900 calories per day depending on how hungry I am. I walk at least 30 minutes daily and do yoga 2-3 times a week. I don't think I'm going to change my calories for the 3rd because I'm gaining and not worried. If anything changes I would change it to maintain but I don't think I'll need too. I have 12 weeks left and 9 pounds to gain if I stick to the 25lbs gain. Vacations and summer birthdays were not kind to me. I gained most of my pounds in July :(
  • I ate 2200-2500 calories or thereabouts from the beginning of pregnancy until the end. I lost most of the weight by 2weeks pp. I'm ~120 with a normal weight of 110 so I'm not a big person. I just followed the recommendations and ate to fuel myself and my baby.
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    Thanks ladies!

    I upped my calorie goal to .5 loss a week since I was just nearly hitting my calories needed for 1 pound loss a week(I was getting 1660, normally eat about 1500-1600. With the change in goals ive got 1900 to eat now). I figured baby steps. I'm still just trying to eat when hungry. I Figure baby will guide me. I just wanted to make sure that I didn't need to eat until uncomfortableto keep baby supplied with what baby needs.