September Challenge

electriq Posts: 359 Member
How do you want to challenge yourself this month?
What goals would you like to set?

They could be anything!

Join this thread to help you stay motivated and connect in with the LGBT community here on MFP at the same time.

My goals?
1. Run 120km
2. Swim 10km
3. Loose 3kg
4. Finish my thesis

What are yours?


  • SweetSailor
    SweetSailor Posts: 81 Member
    My September goals:
    I do pretty much all of this now, but I'd like to keep the consistency.

    100% food journaling.

    100% food journaling honesty.

    3-5 mile daily run 5x a week
    Spin 2x a week

    Strength 1x per week (at least) yoga, Pilates, PiYo, or body pump

    Lastly, my goal is to try a new class, like Body Pump. I'm terrified of it.
  • snowboardRN
    snowboardRN Posts: 25 Member
    Be down a total of 10 lbs by September 17th (the day we leave for vacation). 5 down, 5 to go!
    Keep up with my calorie counting during vacation
    Go running at least once while on vacation (We'll only be there 4 days so I think that's more than doable!)
    Attend boot camp at least twice a week this month, and 3 times a week when possible
  • AsterBellis
    AsterBellis Posts: 8 Member

    Join the local Y so I can swim until my injury heals.

    Fill out Food and Exercise Diary faithfully.

    Remember to breathe so 7th grade doesn't give me a coronary. School starts tomorrow and it has already been painful!
  • weesalouisa25
    weesalouisa25 Posts: 7 Member
    My Goals for September:
    1. Eat healthy and honestly/consistently track nutrition..
    2. Walk to and from classes, and downtown when I can (instead of bus)
    3. Go running at least 2x a week - on a river trail (about 4 miles)
    4. Do the 30 Day Squat Challenge! :D

    Wishing all of you the best!
  • Aello11
    Aello11 Posts: 312 Member
    1. bike/spin everyday
    2. wipe the dust off the weight machine (and use it :laugh: )
    3. log honestly everyday
  • Indigomami
    Indigomami Posts: 21 Member
    I'm going slow, too much at once doesn't work for me.

    My September challenge:

    1. Remain consistent about tracking.
    2. Remain consistant with activity, on crazy family days at least fit a walk in.
    3. Do my stretches so I can work up back to running without too much pain.
  • My September Goals are:

    - Take 77,000 steps a week, minimum
    - Go to 3 yoga classes a week (I've been doing maybe one)
    - Do my 2 weight lifting sessions and 2 cardio sessions each week (no skipping!)
    - Stay under my weekly calorie goals

    I have an obstacle 5K coming up at the end of the month and I want to make sure I'm strong, flexible, and fit enough to not die in the Texas heat!
  • onemoc
    onemoc Posts: 35 Member
    my goal for september since I'm coming back from hiatus and have regained a bit of weight from stress and poor diet choices.

    1. rejoin the y with minimum of 2 strength sessions and 2 cardio sessions a week
    2. restart the tracking
    3. eat at home more
    4. budgeting.
  • derekjnichols
    derekjnichols Posts: 49 Member
    Goals this month:
    I turn 30, and I want to be in the best shape of my life.
  • My goals are probably a bit too ambitious but that's just how I am:

    1. Get down to 130lbs, figure out whether I want to keep going.
    2. Finish my Dutch course.
    3. Start learning Czech.
    4. Start a writing project I've been planning for some time.
    5. Work on a new research project idea I just got.
  • 1. Keep logging food faithfully, even when I know I've gone over my limit and don't want to see it; also, remember to weigh myself every week.
    2. Read more than I have been.
    3. Do cardio at least twice a week.
    4. Lift weights at least twice a week.