Strava/FB Burn!!

My friend Nic is new to mountain biking and was so proud of himself for beating my Strave time on a segment that he posted about it on Facebook. I responded with the following. Yeah, it's not the most flattering pic of me (I'm considerably lighter now), but really enjoyed calling him out. I mean, he's 30 and I'm 55. And well, look at him!


  • TheBrolympus
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  • GrindGravel
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    Haha love it!
  • dolcezza72
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    You're awesome!!!
  • KaktusJaque
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    I love poking fun at friends that are real competitive.
  • veloman21
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    Brilliant!!!! :smile:
  • Chain_Ring
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    LOL! Motherf*cker posted on FB that he beat you on a Strava segment??
  • Yeah, but it's been two way! I had been giving him he'll for getting schooled by 'PopPop'.
  • Wuggums
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    Consider it a compliment, PopPop! The young'un was proud of himself for besting his master! Own it!!
  • bridger48
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    For us guys of that certain age and willing to put what we got to the test, I say (insert just a quiet smile only), knowing nearly all those years younger will not be able to do what I just did when if they get those extra years.
  • I'm not 'all that' on a bike, but young, new riders are generally surprised at how hard mountain biking can be. So I enjoy taking advantage of them during the learning curve. And when they aspire to be faster than me, I respond with, 'wow, faster than the old fat guy! Aiming high, huh?'
  • mstripes
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    Yup, good show! I'm rather competitive but laugh when college team riders chase after my segments. Sure must be a lot of glory for them to take away a KOM from a fat 50 year old.