anyone else feeling ratty!

mazzzery Posts: 13 Member
I think its the lack of sugar, but I've been feeling very silly, probably irrational too, and all I wanted last night was toast, I know it`ll ruin my diet, but my moods wings are unbearable, any advice, on what to do when hunger pangs strike?


  • kitsune1989
    kitsune1989 Posts: 93 Member
    Are you trying low carb?
  • mazzzery
    mazzzery Posts: 13 Member
    No, I just usually would eat sugar in tea, and all, but I decided to try peppermint or chamomile instead, might give me an entry boost, :)
  • kitsune1989
    kitsune1989 Posts: 93 Member
    Well then it may just be you're used to the sugar buzz and your body is trying to adjust to not having it. If you really are hungry though eat that toast ; ) Night time cravings tend to not be real hunger though.
  • ashteinpeacock
    ashteinpeacock Posts: 56 Member
    Apples and strawberry yogurt have a good bit of sugar in them... Try something like those and see if it helps
  • MissLakeTime
    MissLakeTime Posts: 59 Member
    Strawberry sugar free jello has been tasting really good to me lately!!!