Z Nation?

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Did anyone catch the premiere of Z Nation on the Sci Fi channel? It's pretty over the top and not anywhere near the caliber of TWD but if you're looking for something to pass the time until your favorite show and mine comes back, I guess it's worth a watch.


  • Booksandbeaches
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    No, I missed it.
    Will try to catch it when it airs next.
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    Fun! I'll look into it. For something else really good to pass the time try The Strain on FX. Its originally a comic too. TWD will always be my favorite, but this one is really good and a nice way to pass the weeks till TWD. October is right around the corner! Also, one of the non cable channels is going to start playing TWD on syndicated Oct 1st. Not sure what time. Can't remember the station though.
  • soaps54
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    There were a few moments where they were either trying to pay homage to TWD or just straight up ripped them off but it piqued my interest enough where I set my DVR for next week's episode. Fair warning, there were some really outrageous moments too - I won't give anything away but you'll see what I mean if you watch it. If you do catch the first episode, let me know what y'all think.

    My brother has been trying to get me to watch The Strain, I'll have to add that one to the list.
  • DonaGail
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    It was terrible, as most zombie movies are..I told my husband- who is NOT a fan of this type of entertainment, its stupid, so impossible! He said so is TWD, I said, no that is pretty realistic as to how survival might be, Z Nation tried too hard and was ridiculous. For instance..there is an infant in a car seat, probably full diaper, most likely hungry, yet the crying is minimal,,and it turns for who knows what reason and becomes an Olympic sprinter, growling and laughing and with the help of a hidden adult zombie, takes down a fully armed military guy who has survived for so long..and by the way, does not fool around and wouldnt leave the guy he was protecting.
    I watched another one with Margot Hemmingway, I cant even remember what it was called, the zombies are scaling the Golden Gate Bridge! What did they do, sprout suction cups on their fingers? They can swim like sharks and pull people off of life rafts too. Babies cut out of mothers look like cleaned up 2 month olds. Zombies in jail cells shrug off food like theyre disgusted.
    That reminds me of yet ANOTHER one I saw last week with Dennis Hopper..these zombies carry briefcases and figure out how to use guns and know how to light fires. Someone actually says "Theyre just looking for a place to go" in the end of the movie, as they lumber out of the city full of living people (food).
    Seriously..I cant wait for The Walking Dead, thses crappy movies make me appreciate the thought that goes into the show!
  • soaps54
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    LOL the baby was one of the outrageous scenes I was referencing. That was just nuts.
  • Kincar
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    My husband had on SyFy earlier so I caught part of the baby scene. It was completely ridiculous. I figured it was one of those low budget movies SyFy shows. I didn't know it was Z Nation. I don't think I'll be watching that one.

    I am getting anxious for TWD. Not too long now!
  • OneEyedWolf
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    It was the typical Asylum Productions "We're going to make a show so terrible people will have to watch it!" (Sharknado anyone?). Asylum puts out movies where you have to turn off the analytical part of your brain and just enjoy it for what it's intended to be, a strictly B flick.

    I actually didn't mind it as far as the typical zombie movies go (Especially the ones shown on the SyFy channel). I about howled with laughter when the baby became some sort of Super Zombie Baby and was skittering around the floor, taunting and baiting the "soldier" (probably the second most unrealistic character on the show, after the baby thing, IMO) instead of just attacking him if the soldier had been foolish enough to actually pick it up.

    I also got a huge kick out of the aluminum baseball bat maces and some of the other weapons that while are creative, would either give no real benefit or would actually be more dangerous to the person wielding...not to mention the manufacturing..no power = no welders:wink:

    That said, Oct 12th can't get here soon enough! I want TWD and Talking Dead back on my DVR!
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    don't like it at all. i'll wait for TWD