Still Active?

nassaugyal Posts: 32 Member
Hey, there. Are you guys still around? Or was the support in this group so good that you're all now perfectly adjusted, sane, fit and healthy? :)


  • larsensue
    larsensue Posts: 461 Member
    Still here. was wondering where everyone was! How u doin?
  • georgina1970
    georgina1970 Posts: 333 Member
    Yip, still here.
    Have joined mixed swim squad with my daughter, and walking 3x/wk. Need to get back into some lifting, slacked off in this over winter.
  • nassaugyal
    nassaugyal Posts: 32 Member
    Hiya! I'm 30 with a 1 year old. I'm so glad to have found this group. Just squeezed a weight bench onto my back porch so I can get lifts in before work while baby is still sleeping. This means waking up at 4:30 am.

    It's been a month so far. So far so good, but each morning is getting more and more difficult.