WEEK 1 DONE!! Challenges/Positives

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Way to go everyone!! Week one finished! Share what your challenges were, as well as your positive results you've had so far. Here's mine -

My challenges
- My arches hurt like crazy! I've never had such bad arch pain in my life. I have had arch issues/flat feet my whole life, but this exacerbated it to a whole new level.
- Realizing how non-flexible I am.
- Legs were very sore toward the end and final lower focus was BRUTAL
- Lower back seized up a bit mid-week
- Today woke up with a sore throat and am afraid I'm getting sick. Ugh.

I visited the chiropractor once which helped my back and feet. I guess it is kind of eye-opening for me to realize how poor of shape I've gotten into the last 9 months... Stress/poor diet, lack of exercise really took it's toll, and quickly. I've been rolling my arches on a frozen water bottle everyday to get things back and going. Now to the positives -

- I feel awesome for doing something about it and completing week 1!
- I've lost 3/4" around my love handles already! Chest has gotten stronger, and I've lost a couple pounds
- Stretch video today felt amazing, gave me that extra boost I needed to take on week 2
- Feels great to be doing this with a group of fellow warriors that have helped me out as well :)


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    -In order to get my workout in, I've been forced to workout late at night and makes it hard since I get up early for work; so sleep deprivation is going to be an issue that my family and I will have to work on.
    -Dealt with a little soreness, but not bad at all.

    -I've lost 2 lbs and I didn't measure, so not sure about that.
    -Diet was incredibly successful...makes a difference that I track everything that goes in my mouth.....I've been amazed about the thousands and thousands of calories that I was pumping through without truly knowing the quantity...pretty scary actually.....and by eating less than a third to half of what I've eaten in prior weeks, I'm no more hungry than I was back then.
    -Emotionally, I feel uplifted because I know what's coming down the pike very soon.....this is my second time down this road and it's actually getting exciting as each week passes knowing what's coming. It's been a good week and I'm already imagining myself reaching my goals, short term by Thanksgiving and Christmas and long term for 2015 and beyond.
  • Challenges:

    - Working out in the hot, humidity. Summer is coming down here in Australia. Makes the routines seem x10 worse :(
    - I've been working out at night, so trying to fit in workouts around my schedule. Hopefully can do better this week.

    - I've lost 1kg (~2 pounds)
    - I feel more in control when I do the cardio routines, feeling less like a floundering fish.
    - Feeling more positive, mind wise. Knowing that I'm doing well, staying on track, and doing the best I can do. Quite a confidence boost just from doing exercise alone :)
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    - Watching the scale go up, not down. I haven't been eating horribly, just haven't seen a loss since Day 1.
    - Working out at night, and making time for that, and my personal business at home. Plus, fitting family time in.
    - Realizing that while I can go out and run a 10K, I'm not in as good of shape as I thought I was.

    - My pants and clothing fit looser (better than the scale going down, if you ask me)
    - Feeling healthier.
    - Gaining flexibility.

    Bring it week 2, you son of a gun!
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    I'm starting week 4, done with week 3 but I'll chime in:
    Weekends! Social gatherings just get to me. I did better this past weekend than I have in a long time, but it was still a struggle.
    Frustrated the scale is not moving faster.
    Few aches and pains, have to modify the moves to get through
    Getting through TBC. Man that video is a rough one! And I have to do it 2x this week!!

    Modified my schedule a bit. I was getting up at 4:10 to work out each day. I was so tired by end of day. Moved it back to 4:50 or 4:55...amazing what that extra 30+minutes can do for a person! I feel so much better now.
    Losing a LOT of inches!
    Clothes are starting to fit way better!
    My energy level is amazing!
    Sleep is better!
    Thankful for this group! :-)

  • Hi Everyone ! Week 1 Done !

    - Didn't lose the weight I tough I would
    - Difficulty to do the training after my work day
    - Pain in my legs and my back

    - Clothes fit better
    - More energy and feel healthier
    - Starting to catch up with the instructions pf Shaun T

    I decided to start trianing right after I wake up in the morning. This way, I start my day knowing I already worked for my health and I can take my coffee later in the morning since I'm already energized.

    For my diet, it seems easier to keep it up ! I'm happy now to stick to it and I don't feel as restricted now that I work out also.

    Kepp it up guys ! and thanks for all your support ! I found with you the way to motivate me more than ever !
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    Starting week 4 as well.

    -Mainly doing Total Body...no matter how many times I do it I still hate that workout..LOL
    -Another challenge is all that bending really aggravates my back issues. Modifying so that I dont bend so much.

    I am getting it done and stuck with some semblance of a diet:0) Yippee!!!
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    Wow - reading all your challenges/positives is SUPER motivating for me, and I know to the rest of the group as well.

    Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences - BRING IT ON WEEK 2!!!!!!
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    Week 2 can kiss my butt... Cause I'm gonna KICK ITS!!!!!!!
  • Challenges:
    Having to find the motivation to get up in the morning
    Anything that had to do with a lot of hand work (I have Carpal Tunnel)

    Ate a lot better
    clothes fit better

    So I have bad news .. I have to skip this week! :( I hurt my foot on Friday and so it hurts to put any sort of pressure on my foot. So instead I am just going to bike and rest my foot hopefully I can start week two next week and keep on track!! :)
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    Challenges: Press ups - I just struggle with them and they just don't seem to get any easier
    - Haven't lost any weight or inches

    Haven't gained any weight or inches!
    Staying fit
    Keeping up most of the time now
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    - Sore legs! Regret having so many sets of stairs in our house.
    - Weight Loss; Losing those inches but nothing on the scale
    - Lack of Upper body strength
    - Jumping/on toes, still recovering from an ankle injury

    - Able to do more of the workouts without modifications!
    - More Energy!
    - Body is changing

    We've got this!
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    - I haven't lost a single pound
    - Burpees!

    - I'm losing inches and BF%
    - I'm doing less modifications
    - I'm actually having fun!
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    - balancing work travel schedule with getting workouts in
    - lack of upper body strength
    - need to use modifications

    - lost 2 lbs
    - eating much better
    - clothes fit better
    - prioritizing/actually scheduling workouts
    - motivated to kick butt in week 2!!!