I just started back on here. I didn't know how many calories to eat so I just left it on 1350 which was my settings before I got pregnant. How many calories are everyone else eating? I'm currently 30 weeks along.


  • sara_m83
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    How many have you been eating? It's worth tracking a "typical day" for you at the moment. How has your weight gain gone over the past 30 weeks? Are you on track? High? Low? It doesn't make sense to base your own caloric intake on what other women are doing as everyone has different metabolisms, activity levels, body masses, and weight gain goals for pregnancy.
  • dolphingrl2481
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    The last week I have been eating 1350. I have gained 16 pounds so far. I was just wondering if I wasn't eating enough.
  • sara_m83
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    I highly doubt 1350 is enough for anyone who is pregnant. But I don't mean how much have you been eating this week, I mean for the last 30 weeks to get you to the point you're at. How much weight are you aiming to gain? What made you come on MFP and start tracking calorie intake at 30 weeks pregnant?

    The best advice I can give you is to work out your estimated TDEE based on your BMR and daily activity level and eat TDEE+300 calories for your third trimester. This is advice based on an average pregnancy for someone of an average weight prior to falling pregnant.
  • ColeCake292012
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    Unless 1350 is your maintenance, you need to up your intake. Women in their third trimesters should be eating maintenance +300-500 extra on top of that. Hell, I'm 5'3 and I don't even eat 1350 when I'm not pregnant and trying to lose weight. What has been working for me is eating between 2000 and 2300 calories each day. When I log consistently, my weight gain is good. I'm 24 weeks, and have gained about 31 pounds, but that's just because I didn't log consistently for a good chunk of my pregnancy AND my doctor thinks its likely I'm developing excessive amniotic fluid, which runs in my family. Basically, eat more. It definitely won't hurt anything.
  • cocolo89
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    Ya I don't think thats enough at all. I don't even eat that less when trying to lose. I would start at least 1700-1800 and see how that works for you. I eat around there and it works great so far . I'm 30wks as well. Good luck
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    I'm 29 weeks and I try my best to net 1700 calories a day, granted I do give into my cravings, but I log them to keep myself in check (like the 3 doughnuts I ate yesterday I logged, as well as, the football stadium food I ate at my little brother's last football game). If I exercise I eat most of my calories back to stick to as close to 1700 a day. I went to the doctor 2 weeks ago and I was at 19lbs gained so far, I go back tomorrow. I'm on track to gain about 25-35lbs. I was still going to the gym 3-4 days a week, but the last 2 weeks are so I'm lucky to get there twice a week.
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    I'm 28 weeks and generally eat 1900-2100 calories.

    Definitely up your calories. 1350 is not enough. You should be eating, at the very least, your maintenance calories.
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    you must be starving! I decided to get back into logging when i was about 20 weeks pregnant (hadnt gained much at all really ) and used my old stats from weight loss during the last year as a guide. I WAS on 1500 cals when losing and working out quite a bit and eating back some calories. For pregnancy (and a starting weight of 55kg/120 pounds and 170cm) i am on 1800-1900 cals regardless of any exercise as I dont count it because its nothing vigorous, just walking or occasional yoga. I am now 35 weeks and put on 11kg or 24 pounds. Ill be induced in 2 1/2 weeks. Recommended is 25-35 pounds total for a healthy BMI and i started on the lighter end of healthy. You look slim so i would be thinking closer to 35 would still be safe. All the best!
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    You should definitely increase your calories to maintenance. I was 15-20 lbs overweight pre-pregnancy and I am eating about 1800 calories a day. I haven't gained any weight so far and I am 19 weeks. Just try to keep active and you will be fine.