Lower Focus

bananas162 Posts: 21 Member
The lunges kicked my *kitten*.. :s


  • aphello
    aphello Posts: 43 Member
    Word. MY legs were already sore before I BEGAN. I'll sleep hard tonight...
  • bananas162
    bananas162 Posts: 21 Member
    Glad I wasnt the only one. I struggled with stairs today! Bring on week 2! ;)
  • tiffanydawnn
    tiffanydawnn Posts: 122 Member
    This one is so tough, but I can definitely say after my third time doing it I feel much stronger. Jello legs though still for sure!
  • webdevsoup
    webdevsoup Posts: 384 Member
    Lower Focus sucks... I can't stand it. My legs are ON FIRE.... Looking forward to when they DON'T hurt when I do this workout! ;-)
  • katherinemab
    katherinemab Posts: 57 Member
    Lower Focus = Cruel and Unusual punishment the day after. Thought I was going to fall on my face during Cardio today