You know you're a horse person when...

Okapi42 Posts: 495 Member
We were having a discussion in the barn recently - all of us have certain oddities that we think are caused by exposure to horses.

You know you're a horse person when...
  • you keep your heels down when you're riding a bike - and only mount it from the left.
  • "Sorry, that poo is mine, I'll pick it up in a moment." is a perfectly normal thing to say.
  • you feel guilty eating apples or carrots yourself.
  • when someone gets sick, you give them advice based on what worked for your horse.
  • you find yourself clucking at people walking with you who are going too slow.
  • and you say "easy now" and pat the steering wheel when your car skids.

What can you all add?


  • AnnaZimm70
    AnnaZimm70 Posts: 218 Member
    -You love the smell of a horse
    -you find cleaning stalls to be therapeutic
  • Okapi42
    Okapi42 Posts: 495 Member
    Because my coworkers find it strange: being willing to pay as much for stabling as for your rent. (Without a horse, I wouldn't need housemates...)
  • jumpthemoon
    jumpthemoon Posts: 150 Member
    That I'd rather clean stalls than my own house? That placing my face on my horse's neck and breathing in his scent is one of my favorite things? That no matter how awful the weather is, it's always a good time to go to the barn? Just a few! :)
  • korsicash
    korsicash Posts: 770 Member
    We Horse people spend stupid amounts of money on other people's lawn clippings....
  • sweetteadrinker2
    sweetteadrinker2 Posts: 1,026 Member
    When you regularly get up before the sun because you want to go pick up poo