Warriors - Challenge (11/13 - 11/19)

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Hi Everyone! I was able to get on at work on my lunch. Hope you have all been well :)

So the challenge is that it is coming the holidays. Today a local radio station is already playing Christmas music...crazy! And as we get in the throw of holidays with the business and all the food, a lot of us get a bit off track or a lot off track & gyms and even MFP turn into a ghost down mid-Dec to mid-Jan.

WEEK #10 EXTRA CHALLENGE: 1 Point per Part

Part 1
Come up with & post your game plan to survive the holidays.
Most of us won't be perfect, but what can you do better than last year. Or you don't want to eat lots of cookies at a party, so you decide you'll keep gum stocked in your purse & chew it so you can't put food in your mouth. Or you know you will be too busy to get to the gym, so you come up with some things you can do at home like run outside for a quick walk around the block. Or maybe instead of sitting around watching xmas movies the whole month of December you decide to be more active.

Part 2
Get your family on board if you have one.
Do you live at home with your parents? Talk with them about idea you have for things to do during the holidays for things to do or meals. Last Thanksgiving, I flew home to be with my parents & my sis & her husband. I discussed in length with my mom about meals and what they were willing to change & what they weren't...I knew I was messing with tradition:) In the end, we ended up making 2 of some things, like mashed potatoes for everyone & mashed cauliflower for me. The previous Christmas, I got all my mom's recipes & entered them into MFP to figure out the calories, then we made healthier versions of them and I had pre-planned the meals & calories before every flying out there. That was the only xmas I didn't gain weight (didn't lose, but didn't gain either). I also took an exercise DVD that I did in the living room...not every day but at least I did something.

Part 3
Find a holiday accountability buddy.
By now hopefully you have found some MFP folks that you have gotten to know a little bit or people in this group. Ask them to be your accountability partner thru the holidays and tell them exactly what you want to do...like that you want to walk each day for 30 min or you want to not give in to eat cookies or something or you want to still log each day. Then commit to each other to look out for each other over the next 2 months. (You can always report back to me if your accountability partner starts slacking in the accountability portion :) You can message each other once in a while asking how the other is doing or when you notice the other one doesn't seem to be doing what they say their goal was & encourage them to keep at it.

Don't forget to read up on your teammates posts. You might come up with some great ideas. And if you need any recipes.... :)


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    I'm not sure how the Points are tallied for this Extra Challenge. I would think that we would receive a Point for each Part that we have planned ahead for. :)

    Part 1
    Game plan to survive the holidays.
    Family all come to my home for Thanksgiving. There are usually 10-12 of us for dinner and I make a majority of the meal. I have the extra challenge that a few of my family members are now vegetarians and a few are sensitive to onions and msg (they get migraines from these :( ). So it's quite the challenge. I plan to bump-up the nutrition in certain dishes by using Greek Yogurt, Cottage Cheese, Quinoa, Raw Hemp Seed and Chia Seeds, depending on the dish.

    Family members usually bring something to share. The plan for this year is if they ask if they can bring a dish, I will let them choose from several healthy alternatives to bring such as a salad (dressing on the side), fresh veggies or fruit. Those are a few I can think of right now.

    Part 2
    Get your family on board.
    Family members always ask what they can bring and I usually give them a broad range like bring some sort of a casserole or pie etc. This year by actually letting them pick from a healthy list, it will help keep them on board. On the off chance that they bring something different, which is very possible, my plan will be to have a SMALL serving or avoid it altogether, depending on what is brought.

    Part 3
    Find a holiday accountability buddy.
    I have a tremendous MFP workout buddy that I am doing INSANITY with. We are on the same day of INSANITY. We email each other daily, sometimes several times a day, to see how each other is progressing and to keep each other on track with whatever else is going on in our lives! So I will continue to reach out to her over the next few months! :)





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    Part 1
    Come up with & post your game plan to survive the holidays. - Keep mints in my purse for when there are too many goodies around - I hate eating right after brushing my teeth, so having a mint would work similarly, making things not taste as good
    Part 2
    Get your family on board if you have one. - Family knows I'm trying to eat healthier, there's always heathier options, so I'll try to eat more of those, then eat smaller portions of the not healthy options, plus on Thanksgiving, do I really want to put myself in a food coma

    Part 3
    Find a holiday accountability buddy. - Have to do this yet
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    Thankfully only holiday left for me to prepare for is Christmas and I working 90% so I will be able to avoid the calories!!!

    Part 1: I keep sugar free gum on me to chew and I pre-plan my meals for the day and I make sure to get my workout in before hand!

    Part 2: Family has no interest of changing so I use MFP and look up all the food items and decide on 4 items to have; 2 of which have to be a vegetable and I avoid the dessert table!

    Part 3: I don't have too many people I connect with on MFP but I have a best friend that is doing this with me and I will be checking in with her daily and we make sure each other are getting the workouts in!

    I survived Thanksgiving and lost .8; I will survive Christmas and lose weight!!
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    All in moderation...that's my plan!

    Part one - I'm cooking Thanksgiving and the past couple of years I've been making some healthier options, not always liked by others but they'll live. One thing is I roast yams and steam green beans no more gooey casseroles. Our Christmas is much the same except we do it Christmas Eve and everyone brings stuff. I will limit my sweet tooth but not give up an occassional treat. I find ithen obcess and over induldge.

    Part two - My family knows I try to watch and my hubby and kids although well meaning often annoy me by asking if I logged it :) so I have my own little reminders daily...its a good thing since I do have tweens and lots of kid friendly snacks around. My hubby needs to lower his cholesterol so he has been walking with me including when I do the dvds. I do most of the cooking so no problems on that front. Baking doesn't bother me but like I said moderation...russian tea cakes are my weakness...only one batch this year!

    Part three - I have a MFP friend who has logged for over two years and she's one of my biggest cheerleaders. I've ask her to make sure I log and remind me if I'm slacking or induldging to much. And like I mentioned above I have lots of help daily whether I ask or not :)

    If I stick to the basics, I plan on continuing my weight loss through the holidays....maybe a little slower but defintely in the right direction!
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    Update my part 3. I have a mfp friend who is also a RL friend, and we will support each other & get after each other for bad choices
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    Part 1. Game plan to survive the holidays.
    I am on vacation starting Dec 18th right up to Jan 5th. We are having a quiet Christmas and New Years. I'm so looking forward to this. I want to use this time to re-committ to exercise. I will have lots of time to go to the gym every day and plan my meals.

    Part 2: Get the family on board.
    My husband and kids are already on board and like to eat healthy. My husband takes our dog for a 5km walk every day and always asks me to join them. I will go out a few times with them over the holidays.

    3. Find a holiday accountability buddy.
    I will be looking to my Warriors team mates over the holidays! Hope that is okay with all of you. Please nudge me if I don't log my exercise or food!!
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    Part 1
    Game plan to survive the holidays.

    I'm hosting a cocktail party for "my" side of the family on Christmas Eve. I will be sure that half of the options are "healthy" options and won't be serving desserts or a sweet table.

    I'll be having a traditional turkey dinner at my in-laws, and they always serve health conscious foods.

    Part 2
    Get your family on board.

    I think I'l pretty lucky that my immediately family is already on board with healthy food choices. We've also committed to going for family walks at 3-4 times a week now.

    Part 3
    Find a holiday accountability buddy.

    I have a friend who is NOT on MFP but we touch base everyday to ensure we are staying on track. Does that work?
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    Part 1 Fortunately I don't have to contend with numerous office party. Family dinners are not an issue. Typically this time of year is not an issue it is the Spring for me.
  • Part 1 - work parties are tricky! I will log all of the food I consume - as best I can - but my real plan of attack is to keep the calories down on the other days to allow for a little buffer on the 'big day' which will be November 28. At least it is warm and there is lots of swimming to do!

    Part 2 - it is summer time here for Christmas, and we don't have thanksgiving, so it is just a matter of having lots of lovely salads with oil free dressings. My parents are very health conscious so most meals are healthy but we tend to lash out with dessert. I'm going to source a great, low calories dessert and take that to share this year.

    Part 3 - I have made a wonderful friend on MFP! She is awesome at sending me messages of support and some butt-kicking 'what were you thinking?!' messages! I know she has a big function in March so I'm sure i can count on her to keep me on track for the holidays.

    For me, the biggest change in my life is committing daily to doing something about getting healthier. It will be a long, slow process but I'm okay with that. :)
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