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Hi Ladies!
Just wondering (and i know every woman and every pregnancy is different) how far along were you when you began to feel movement?


  • sara_m83
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    I was exactly 19 weeks along when I first felt movement and it soon became very consistent, regular, and undeniably the baby.
  • Ninkyou
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    19-20 weeks... and that was pretty much with both pregnancies. I might have been even further with my first... like 23 weeks.
  • v35lmt
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    I've been unsure about maybe feeling movement since around 20 weeks, but I'm 23 weeks today and have been sure about it for about a week and a half.
    I love feeling LO move around in there!
  • mormonmomma11
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    1st - around 19-21 weeks
    2nd - around 18-19 weeks
    3rd - 17 weeks
  • fit_mama30
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    I was getting worried about not feeling anything (I'll be 18 weeks tomorrow)... This thread is reassuring ;) Thanks to everyone who answered... Of course I can't wait to feel the baby but I guess it's all normal!
  • ganzelly
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    I thought I first felt movement around 18 weeks but it was just a light 'poke' here and there and I wasn't sure. Around 20 weeks I was sure and now at 24 it's been everyday for a few weeks and I can even see my stomach move. It feels weird but is reassuring.
  • lilchino4af
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    1st - around 20 weeks
    2nd - around 17 weeks (and WAY more active!!)
  • AwMyLoLo
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    First time I was sure was 19 weeks. I felt 2 little pokes from the inside like nothing I'd felt before. I felt light, random flutters after that (felt like muscle twitches) and wasn't 100% sure it was baby until I had an extra ultrasound (vaginal) and I could see the baby flinching and felt what I had been feeling and was like, "ok that IS baby!" :D

    (1st pregnancy)
  • tacticalhippie
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    Last night, I felt the baby rolling and kicking a bit.
    I was laying down with my hand on my belly.

  • mg720
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    Thank you ladies for your responses! This is my first pregnancy I'm 2 days from my 24th week and here and there i do feel little little flutters but no clear movement yet. Just thought by now i would :/
  • lilchino4af
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    The flutters more than likely are hiccups - that's what I felt the most with my first. I did get the occasional kick to the ribs and adjusting of the arms, but it seemed fort he most part that she found a comfy spot and didn't want to move! So this go around having a very active baby is different - and wakes me up more at night when my bladder is the target!
  • robynn412
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    Some flutters at 16wks...now obvious pokes at 18w, especially when laying down.
    2nd pregnancy for me.
  • kathyk519
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    It also depends on whether your placenta is in the front of your uterus or back. Mine is in the front, so it acts as a cushion between me and the baby, so harder to notice movement. I had flutters that I could feel for my first pregnancy at 20-21 weeks, this time (18 weeks tomorrow), I felt a little flutter yesterday, only because I laid on my tummy for a minute to see if I could feel him move...otherwise, I have felt nothing so far.
  • amaybee13
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    This time around I was 16 weeks when I felt actual movement. Her kicks and movements are so much stronger now at 23 weeks though.
  • Binky_Muffin
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    Around 22 to 23 weeks is when I knew for sure it was the baby and not gas. LOL. I'm 33 weeks now and the baby is very busy in there. The OB even told me I have an active baby. I think it will be a busy kid. Oh well. My DH and I are both busy, so I think we can handle it.
  • ColeCake292012
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    I could feel completely obvious movements from my little man at 14 weeks!

    With my daughter, I felt light flutters at 16-17 weeks...but didn't realize it was actually her until after 20 weeks, when I could feel her kicking on the outside.
  • caroline_g
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    I'm 20 weeks and haven't really felt anything so far, nothing that I know for sure is the baby anyway. I saw the midwife on Monday though and it turns out I have an anterior placenta so it's sitting at the front, which will cushion movements a lot. So I probably won't feel much for another 4-6 weeks.
  • sheepotato
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    At 13 weeks I could feel the amniotic sac slide when I would lay on my side in bed but that stopped by 15 weeks. So I could tell there where she was but not feel her moving.

    Then I wasn't sure if it was her I felt until around 23 weeks.
  • SexyLovinmeCook
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    I would say the flutters started around 18 weeks....clear kicks maybe 22 weeks...Now he jumps and kicks from talking or if I lay a certain way...
  • jbwes
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    The first undeniable kick that startled me was at 21 weeks. Everything I felt before that was subtle and I was unsure of what I was really feeling. After 21 weeks I started feeling him every day, every few hours.