fitbit challenges

Jfleisch Posts: 13 Member
I just did my first fitbit challenge, (work week hustle), an found it pushed me to hit my goals everyday. I would like to have more people to compete with. If anyone is interested, add me as a friend on fitbit.


  • Oishii
    Oishii Posts: 2,684 Member
    I love it too! It's helped me realise that my exercise related goal should be to reach and exceed my previous peak of physical fitness, which via a fitbit is actually measurable. Can I achieve 20,000 steps a day around my normal life? Can I climb 100 floors in one day? Etc.
  • Ditto! M only on day 2 of a challenge started by someone else and seeing it laid that way has really encouraged me to move a little more so I can win or at least not be in last place
  • Jfleisch
    Jfleisch Posts: 13 Member
    feel free to add me as a friend, and we can all compete next week, this week I'm currently competing against 7 others, which is a lot of fun

  • vkdarling
    vkdarling Posts: 161 Member

    I love challenges... right now I usually average about 12000-14000 steps a day. feel free to add me and challenge me!
  • chunt87
    chunt87 Posts: 161 Member
    // I like challenges. I need help to not be lazy
  • mwiggs8031
    mwiggs8031 Posts: 11 Member Not sure how to add others, but feel free to add me as a friend. Would love to participate in some challenges.
  • imthecutest81
    imthecutest81 Posts: 1 Member
    I have only a couple of friends with fitbits and would love to join in on some challenges
  • KayDeeCat
    KayDeeCat Posts: 17 Member
    I don't have any fitbit friends at the moment so this would be neat.
    Challenges would be neat. It would definitely help to motivate me to do more overall along with friends to cheer me on
  • redversustheblue
    redversustheblue Posts: 1,216 Member

    definitely don't get the most steps, but would love to do some challenges. Work week challenges especially.
  • ladyIcan
    ladyIcan Posts: 38 Member

    Please feel free to add me as well! New to Fitbit and could use some friends for challenges!