Where are you at? How's it going - Check in

Hello I'm not the one that started this group, but its been pretty quiet lately, so I decided to shake things up and see if anyone is still checking in.

How's your T-25 progress going?
What week are you?
What are you struggling with?

I'm on the last week of Beta!! whoop whoop!!! :-) (happy dance)
I'm struggling with the Rip't circuit just like I did with TBC! but get stronger each time!
Am I going to do it again? YES!!! :-)

As of last Sunday, I lost 18.75 inches and almost 8lbs! Way more than I anticipated.
Debating on purchasing Gamma or Insanity Max 30.


  • katherinemab
    katherinemab Posts: 57 Member
    Awesome loss!! 18.75"!!!!!! Yes! I'm right there with you. I hate Rip't Circuit and all of those lunges in Core Cardio. Speed 2.0 is my favorite. I'm on Week 3, Day 2 of Beta. Lost 6lb & 14" in Alpha. Beta is my jam :wink: Going to do Gamma before Insanity Max 30, need a bit more strength first.
  • skinny4me2be
    skinny4me2be Posts: 358 Member
    Way to go Katherinemab!!! Your doing great as well. I haven't purchased Gamma yet, you'll have to keep me posted on what its like. I'm loving beta too! :-)
  • becclesbecca
    becclesbecca Posts: 68 Member
    I have been held back a bit with an ankle ligament injury but I have managed to catch up and I'm in the same place as you, Katharine - week 3 of Beta. I am also going to do Gamma next and then onto Turbofire! I haven't really lost any weight or inches although, to be honest, there is not that much to lose. I have maintained though despite eating loads. Not sure I am quite as fit as when I finished Insanity but it was the summer and I was cycling loads too as well as all my usual walking. I am enjoying it all though.
  • tamred69
    tamred69 Posts: 130 Member
    I am on the last week of beta. I haven't weighed or measured myself in a while. I plan to do gamma next and they will start on Max 30 (already ordered it).
  • gladass12
    gladass12 Posts: 20 Member
    i'm ending the first week of beta, and plan on doing gamma next. i weigh myself every day, but i haven't done other types of measurements since the first week of alpha. clothes fit better, but other than that, i haven't really lost much weight and i don't think very many inches. i think i need to incorporate some weight training as i'd like to benefit from burning more calories at rest. i'm currently struggling with making better food choices. the accessibility and vailability of yummy relatively unhealthy foods is abundant this month. i'm doing my best though!
  • gladass12
    gladass12 Posts: 20 Member
    oops... *availability... :blush:
  • katherinemab
    katherinemab Posts: 57 Member
    Becca, Turbofire is amazing. I did it before T25 but didn't complete the burn. Gets my heart rate up to Speed 2.0 levels.

    And Gladass12 take measurements now! You may be very surprised at what you'll lose, .5" adds up!
  • holliehatesyou
    holliehatesyou Posts: 85 Member
    I just finished day 2 of Alpha (Speed 1.0). Loving it so far.

    I go in to work at 7am, so I'd always told myself I could not work out in the morning. But I realized with a 25 minute workout, I CAN do it in the morning without having to get up that much earlier.

    And it feels really good to come to work still buzzing from the endorphins.