Anyone want to do 10k training with me?

lexbubbles Posts: 465 Member
For those of you who can already run 5k and want to go further, or those who want to improve their 10k time, or whatever.

I'm on week 5, but will go through it again to keep improving my times! We can post our 2/3/4/5/6 mile times here as well as goals and stuff to stay motivated!

Current best times:
2mile run: 0:18:30 (6.5mph 30/12/14)
3mile run: 0:29:05 (6.2mph 27/12/14)
4mile run: 0:42:42 (5.6mph 28/12/14)
5mile run: 0:58:04 (5.2mph 14/08/14)
6mile run: 1:09:27 (5.2mph 15/06/14)

Goal by week 8:
2m: 0:18:30 (6.5mph - hit today!)
3m: 0:29:00 (6.2mph)
4m: 0:40:40 (5.9mph)
5m: 0:54:00 (5.6mph)
6m: 1:04:30 (5.6mph)

Ultimate goals:
5k /3.11m - 0:27:02 (6.9mph)
10k/6.22m - 0:59:14 (6.3mph)


  • acmanna
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    That's great! I'll use it for some motivation. I'm new to running and with all the snow we have my runs are so slow. Best wishes to you on the 10k training! .I'm still working on the 5k
  • collinsmom10
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    I'm working on running a 10K I ran three 5K's this past year and last Friday was the firs time I was able to run 6Miles with out taking a Walking break so I'm on the right track I just need to sign up with a 10K and stop being scared :) I'm with ya lets do it!