Warrior All Stars - CHAT (Wk 14 1/1 - 1/7)

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Warrior All Stars Team

Week 14 - Commercial Challenge (1/1 - 1/7):

Welcome back everyone!

Enjoy chatting with your new teammates!

Commercial Challenge this week:

Busy Bee

This is always a nice challenge and everyone seems to enjoy it! With the aftermath of Christmas and New Years Eve, I'm sure you all will put this commercial challenge to good use! :)

Stay busy during the commercials!
Clean, organize, take down decorations, clean up the New Year's Party aftermath, you name it…

Reminder, the Weigh-in, Chat/Busy Bee Commercial Challenge and "New Year" EXTRA Challenge are due Wednesday, January 7th, before Midnight.




  • DonnaDTW
    DonnaDTW Posts: 75 Member
    Glad to be back in swing of things. Excited for makeovers next week! Cannot belive Scott made it 3 weeks at Comeback Canyon...he is a force to be reckoned with. Did you catch that Bob said revealed in two weeks....wonder if he'll get a makeover too.

    Still backing my girl Lori but it was close tonight. Sad for Woody to go but he's not done :) Not sure if I'll ever figure out Rob.

    Finished kitchen up during breaks and fooled around with kids. FYI...I should not have tried a cartwheel and handstand with my DD! Boy is Mama feeling it now...Advil & bed :blush:
  • cycletrak1
    cycletrak1 Posts: 607 Member
    Since Damien left, I haven't really found another contestant that I favored. I am now favoring Lori. (I decided this before I found out she had the 1 pound advantage! :) That's awesome!)

    Way to go Lori!!!

    Glad Rob made it down the waterfall. The contestants had some unique mental challenges that they had to overcome to beat the physical ones.

    Wow! Come Back Canyon weigh-in was really close! A lot like some of our weigh-ins that our group has had.

    Taking care of decorations and dishes.


  • meganfoster12
    meganfoster12 Posts: 411 Member
    Loved this episode; I was amazed at the mental changes that occurred during this episode... I been cheering for Sonya and Lori from the start; also so proud of Scott!! During commercials I did leg lifts cause of my massive dizziness and headaches I didn't want to do a lot!
  • Shell_7609
    Shell_7609 Posts: 786 Member
    Great episode this week, lots of mental blocks overcame, which is what I need to work on myself. Yay for makeovers & Tim Gunn next week.

    Worked on cleaning during commercials & doing some food prep for the next 5 workdays (made crockpot steel cut oatmeal during the day, and portioned it for the week)
  • andy_geek
    andy_geek Posts: 85 Member
    I just watched the episode this morning, the scenery was awesome and I enjoyed the goofiness of the coconut la crosse challenge.

    Rob seems to overcome a mental block about every week or two, you'd figure by now he shouldn't be having temper tantrums every time he struggles. I'm happy with his fitness progress, not so happy with his continued immaturity.
  • writemusic4him
    writemusic4him Posts: 312 Member
    I like Lori too. She seems to be getting happier as a person in general.

    With challenging the contestants I felt bad & like they were pushing them too hard, maybe they are just not ready for it...especially for like a fear of heights. But then I suppose they only have a short time to help them that they are there on the ranch.

    They are definetly going to be refreshed for starting the new year off. What a way to do so. I'm jealous :wink:
  • twinkle150
    twinkle150 Posts: 133 Member
    The 1 week on 1 week off makes it hard to keep up on the show. Sonya seems to be gaining confidence. Scott my be up for the biggest loser..although I don't know if he will have enough left to lose toward the end. Nice to see how they struggle less with the challenges physically...now they are mostly mental.
  • twinkle150
    twinkle150 Posts: 133 Member
    Did the dishes during commercials
  • watersm04
    watersm04 Posts: 190 Member
    Hi everyone, I rode my bike and did some exercises on the ball while watching the program. Scott's looking really good, not sure if he can win this week at come back canyon but I'm rooting for him.
  • digger61
    digger61 Posts: 3,728 Member
    Watched the show Rob should realize that they will not ask him to do anything he can not do I put together my gym downstairs ( took it apart for Chirstmas) enjoyed the show
  • digger61
    digger61 Posts: 3,728 Member
    Can someone please post my wieght on my phone and can not do 247
  • ThisCanadian
    ThisCanadian Posts: 1,086 Member
    Well Lori managed to hang on for another week. :( I really rather have Sonja over Lori any day of the week. I'm glad Scott managed to keep in Comeback Canyon. He is a force to be reckoned with.

    I stayed busy in the commercials by walking on the treadmill at 4MPH in order to meet up 10K step daily goal.
  • cycletrak1
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    digger61 wrote: »
    Can someone please post my wieght on my phone and can not do 247

    I entered it.
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