Rant about wedding dresses

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Hi All, I get married on 30th July this year. I ordered my wedding dress in the summer and it finally came in this week. Between that time I have lost 7lb (another 6 to go) I was expecting my dress to be bigger, and it was. But the woman in the boutique said quite sternly that I should not lose anymore. (I didnt specify how much more i wanted to lose so maybe she thought i wanted to lose lots.) Anyway This put the FEAR in me and i panicked thinking omg maybe i need to reassess my goals for the dress etc. But when i rang my seamstress yesterday she didnt seem phazed by my want to lose a few more pounds.

At the moment it needs taking in 1/2" each side, and im guessing that could increase to 1" each side if i lose these 6lb.

I know all this has been sorted now, and i just need to maintain from 23rd April (first fitting with the seamstress) no matter what size I am. But i just wanted a rant about it.

Thanks, Pixie


  • 13Strong
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    I'm trying on dresses tomorrow (hopefully will order one tomorrow too) and this is what I'm worried about. I don't want to lose major pounds, I just want to feel confident mostly because of the wedding dress size and fittings. I am going to get a dress hopefully that can accommodate some change though. We'll see.

    Glad yours is working out for you! Hopefully you can maintain without difficulty! :)
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    My bridal salon told me that as long as I didn't lose more than two dress sizes that mine could be altered enough to fit me & still keep it's style. Though, mine is a fairly simplistic tulle ballgown. Just be sure to ask when you go tomorrow & if you find a dress to ask how many sizes it could be taken in. :)