Fourth weigh in - January 22

GrammyPeachy Posts: 1,723 Member
1/1 - 229.0 lbs
1/8 - 226.8 lbs (2.2 lb loss this week)
1/15-225.8 (only 1 lb loss :\ )
1/22-222.6 (3.2 lb loss this week)


  • 1-1 255lbs
    1-8 255lbs
    1-15 250lbs
    1-22 250lbs

    I weigh the same as last week! I know that there is a lot of new things i need to change about my daily routine though! Starting this coming week I will be adding more work outs to my healthy eating attempts and tracking my daily steps as well.

    Hope everyone had a great week!

    Down 5lbs so Far! I know we can do this!
  • annangelich
    annangelich Posts: 402 Member
    1-1 149.2
    1-8 144.8
    1-15 141.8
    1-22 140.8

    GW 135

    I saw a lot of fluctuations this week, at one point I was at 145.9 and then dropped to 141.8 again and then up to 143 and back down this morning to 140.8
    TOM has stopped by this week.... I am craving salt (which totally explains the fluctuations).
    I started adding strength training (body weight only for now), yoga in the mornings, and interval running when I feel like I can manage it.
  • Frayde
    Frayde Posts: 321 Member
    No loss this week, but no gain either ;-) Plan is to stay the course except for one thing--eliminate eating out. It's too hard on the budget and too hard on the waistline!
  • bm1409
    bm1409 Posts: 1,715 Member
    No gain or loss so I am counting that at a success. I know what I need to do .... Just need to do it!