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I figured we should get this ball rolling with an intro thread.

Who are you? Give a little background. When and where will you be running your first half? What training plan are you using? How's that going?


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    I am Ceci, 51 year old grandmother, "retired" teacher now working as a contractor for a tech company, married.

    I started running (Couch to 5k) in April 2013 when I hit a plateau in my weight loss and figured I needed to change things up a bit. I had not run at all before that (unless you count that one day in 7th grade when I decided running track wasn't for me.) I have run a few 5k's and several 10k's since.

    My brother, the runner, talked me into running a half with him in our hometown in April.
    Davy Crockett Bear Chase

    I am 9 weeks into a 20 week plan I found online here.

    So far, so good.
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    I'm Alex, 35 year old married mother of 2 plus 3 bonus children we have full time... i run a busy household! Started running Feb '14, as a way to burn calories as I tried to drop weight. Hit my target weight, so now adding fitness goals for 2015.

    Running the maine coast half on may 9th. Have not started my training program yet, but plan for Higdon novice 2. I'll jump in a little later in the weeks, as I run the miles already... working on pace the next month or so, I'll keep my long runs pretty steady 6-8 miles until I start up with the training. Hopefully the weather holds, I've lucked out in January so far... plan for mid February to begin a real focus toward the half.
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    My first half is planned on 3rd May and I am aiming to do the Great North Run in September. I am up to 8 mile runs and planning to add a mile or a half each week. I started the C25K this time last year and have done a few 5ks and a 10k. I am not the fastest, but I am impressed with what I have achieved so far
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    My first half is May 3rd and second will be in October. I started with c25k last April and have just been adding distance. I'm super slow but love running. I'm being totally optimistic and sign up for a full in November. My only other race was a file miler on thanksgiving.
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    I'm Henry. From Ontario Canada.43 years old. Started MFP for weight loss February 1st 2014, weighed in at 275+lbs, current weight 150lbs 8). Slowly started walking 5km the best I could at the begining due to my weight strain on my legs, slowly overtime was able to walk 5k without dieing LOL, then jogging and so on. This is week 12 of my Hal Higdons Novice 2 training program, so tomorrow I'm running 21k at my race pace. My 1st 13.1 is May10 2015. I decided to train early to make sure my body could handle it. My cardio has increase greatly from last year. I just have to incorporate rest days into my schedule as I'm still mentally in weight loss mode from the last year. So far my pace will have me finishing around 2h15minutes hopefully 8). So from here on out I'll be sticking to 5k/8k/5k , Tues/Weds/Thurs, And my long run on Saturdays of 17k+ depending how I feel 8). And crosstraining/yoga/and strength training on off days. The only downfall is with the Canadian winters here, I'm forced on the treadmill but its better than nothing. The interesting thing is my 1st 13.1 happens to be a Boston Qualifier event also. Will be interesting to be running with some people that are of that caliber. Ultimate goal would be running Boston 8) But lets get the 13.1 under my belt 1st LOL.
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    Not my first HM this year, but I've got two in the spring and summer, then two marathons later in the year.

    I've been running for about 2 years, having started with C25K as an adjunct to losing some weight.

    My running preference is trails, but I do about half my training on pavement.

    I'm currently using a marathon plan, using Endomondo Premium, to prepare for my first half. Stamina has a huge bearing on injury free trail races, so training to go beyond the distance should help me with that.

    My HM PB at the moment is 1:55, trail race in October was 2:07.
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    Hello, I'm Abby and I have been running for just about a year. I did c25k a few years ago, but it just didn't stick. Around 2 years ago I started Medifast and got to my goal weight (still have a few vanity pounds I would like to get rid of, but going slow). I transitioned off Medifast a little over a year ago and decided that my next chapter of keeping it off and being healthy was MFP and exercise. I had done a few walking 5k's and was in decent shape, but not a runner yet. The beginning of last year I just slowly worked at mileage and time. In 2014 I did a few 5ks (running!) and a 10k. Running has really helped me in maintenance and I love how I feel mentally.

    My sister and I had this dream of doing the Disney Princess Half Marathon, we are quite the Disney fans, so when registration came around in July I just went for it, and suckered her into it too! My niece joined the party and here we are, a little over 3 weeks until the Princess Half Marathon on Feb 22nd and I am excited and a bit nervous!

    My training is a modified (the cold/flu bug got me and had to adjust) Jeff Galloway half marathon plan he did for the Disney Princess run. Last weekend was my longest run ever at 11.17 miles... and it was great. Living in Minnesota I was worried about outdoor training in the winter, but luckly we have had a few awesome weekend temps.... for Minnesota at least.... where getting outside has been really good. I do treadmill at the gym during the week for my short runs and I use MapMyFitness on my phone for the gps and mileage when out on the streets for my long runs on weekends.

    I have dreams of doing at least 1 and probably more halfs this year, just waiting on how I feel after this one before I take the leap.
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    A local lady I know just got back from a Disney half... don't know which one, but she loved it!
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    So far in 2015 they have had the Disney World Marathon Weekend (Florida) and the Star Wars Half Marathon weekend (California) and both sound like they were fantastic! I heard that runDisney races are great for your first Half, and then you get hooked and go back for more.... I am sure that will be me! :blush:
  • hello everyone! my name's renee...joining MFP to stay motivated and get back into shape...i'm getting married this spring but running a half marathon in september (air force half marathon in dayton, OH)...friend me!
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    Hi! I'm Heather, 39, and been running off and on for a year (but more off than on). I've only done two 5Ks, but decided to commit to running the Diva Half in September this year (the day after my 40th birthday). I talked my hubby into trying couch to 5k, and he has blown past me and runs regularly--just did his first 15k and is trying to find a half to fit into his work schedule.

    My first love is horseback riding, so I usually do that twice a week. Between that, my commute and work, and my two kids, running is last on my priority list. So I am hoping that committing to a half will help me move it up the list and be more consistent. I plan to try for a 10K in March, but that will depend on how the next couple of weeks of training go--I just started bridge to 10K.

    Feel free to friend me!
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    I started running last August as a jump start to losing weight. I started with the standard c25k program. Ran my first race in September and kept on adding time and distance. I went from hating running and the idea of running a mile being tortue to loving it. I get a love the feeling of accomplishment from seeing the miles pile up. I also love the impact it had on my weight loss. I lost 23 of the 30 lbs I had planned by last November. Unfortunately I've gotten a little undisciplined on the diet I've been holding steady instead of knocking those last 8-10 lbs off.

    My first HM will be on April 4th. I'm also using the Higdon HM Novice 2 program. In the fall I was using EndoMondo but found out later that it's pretty aggresive with your mileage. Higdon seems to be a bit more manageable with my schedule. I try to run W/Th/Fr with my long run on Sundays...but adjust the weekday schedule as needed. I'm appreciating the days getting longer so that it's easier to run after work. And fortunately I live in a warm weather climate (Dallas), so I've been able to get some early runs in. (My favorite time to run is at daybreak.)

    I'm looking forward to reading about everyone's experiences and having some virtual accountability partners!

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    Hoyalawya2003, I've got horses too! But, keep them at home in a colder climate, so we take the winter completely off! Come spring, riding climbs back up my priority list! For now, it's feeding and turning in/out and mucking! The barn certainly helps me get my 10,000 steps in on non-run days! Almost exclusively I ride dressage and pleasure, we have lots of trails and live near the beach and can ride there spring and fall.
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    Hey! I'm Jennifer. I'm 34 and live in Northern CO. I've said for the last five years I want to do a half, but could never make it past C25K since the first time in 2010, where I quit after finishing the program. I have a fascination with things which are a factor of 5, so I figured 2015 was the half marathon year.
    I have my first half on May 28th (I'm pretty sure) - the Path of the Johnstown Flood in Johnstown, PA (a buddy of mine lives there).
    I started a C210K program the week of Christmas and just finished week 4 yesterday. I have a 21K program downloaded and won't quite finish it, but I figure the 4,000 foot loss in elevation will make up the difference. (That works in my head - I swear).
    I have been using the 10K app in conjunction with the Zombies, Run! app because, well, Zombies! And you get really into the story and look forward to runs.
    Glad to find a group with similar minded folks!
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    I'm Cassie and 35 years old. I'm running the Cincinnati Flying Pig half in May. It's a pretty hilly course so that's been fun (note sarcasm) in the training program. I am training with a local running store because I need the motivation of a group to stick with the program. I have an almost 3 year old and almost 5 year old at home and I work full time so it's difficult to find time for all the training runs, but so far I've stuck to the program perfectly (and haven't gotten sick, knock on wood).
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    Its great to see you all.
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    Hi All! I'm Monique and 28 years old. I started with the C25k app, moved onto C210k and now on their HM app.

    I plan to do the Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon in May (95 days, thanks SMH website!). I use their training plan during the week, and the above app for the long runs. I track it all with my Garmin, predominately outdoor running, intervals on the treadmill and 2 days of weights for cross training.

    Feel free to add :)
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    Welcome 8)
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    Hi! I'm Caitlin and I'm 19 years old. Currently a college freshman working on my fitness goals. If I am selected in the lottery system (fingers crossed) I plan on running the Gary Bjorkland half marathon with Grandma's in Duluth this summer. I am training with Hal Hidgons plan and so far it is going well!
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    Hi! I'm Nicole. I've done a half before, but it was four years ago and haven't run much since then (injuries, lack of motivation once healed, etc.). I picked up running again in January and it feels good so far. I'm running a half on 5/2 and it feels like I'm brand-new again. I've been following Jeff Galloway's plan mostly, but trying to incorporate less walking than he calls for. Not looking for a great time -- just looking to finish this one! I'm signed up for another in November and that one I'll properly train for as I'll have more time.