Calorie Killer Trainers-(Part 2) RESULTS FINALE CHALLENGE January 28th

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Week 17 Extra Finale Show Challenge Results January 28th):

Part 2 – Post in this thread, to share how your mini-goal went and when you plan to reward yourself for 1 more Team Point.

Part 2 – Reward yourself
Tell how you rewarded yourself or when you plan to reward yourself (non-food related) for completing your mini-goal. Make it something that will help you stay motivated on achieving the goal that you decided upon.

Here are some ideas, but be creative. Your Reward doesn’t have to be about buying something. Your Reward could be just being kind to yourself:
Maybe it’s “me” time relaxing and listening to some of your favorite music
Maybe a nice long soak in the tub
Go to a favorite Museum
Get a New Outfit
Get a Manicure
See a Movie

Remember to Weigh-In, Chat about the Show, do the Reflection Commercial Challenge and EXTRA Finale Show Challenge before Wednesday, January 28th, at Midnight. :)


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  • 12qw34
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    Life has completely gotten in the way this week! My plan for my mini goal was to get sneakers for working out every day this week. Well, I worked out all but one day.
    I changed my profile picture and felt like we were getting closer to spring! Ground Hog Day is next week! I had a spring to my step. We are now having an awful storm and I can not leave my home. Anyway, I do have an L L Bean $10.00 gift card I need to use in the next couple of weeks. I will be looking through the catalog to buy something from them.
    It has been a very stressful month. I do not know what I would do if I took life seriously all of the time. Murphy's Law is in full swing! Hopefully it will not be next month!

  • Cbanjo
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    My plan was to spend most of Sunday in bedas a reward for working out throuout the week, and sleep for as long as l could and thank God l achieved it. I feel much better now and well refreshed.
  • joeysgirl10
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    achieved my mini goal... new sneaks this weekend...
  • lifeisspiffy
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    achieved my goal. had either grapes or an apple every day.
    Now I will buy myself something on amazon. I'm thinking a new purse to hold all my stuff and maybe the new veronica mars book.
    I'm looking for a fun workout shirt, like the ones that say "turning my puff into tuff" or some other geeky thing.
  • cycletrak1
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    Congrats to everyone for posting their mini-goal results. Whether you made your mini-goal or not, you are not giving up and that is Fantastic!!!!

  • Baby43204
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    the results for my mini goal is in and i actually not only lost the 2 pounds but lost 6 pounds and been eating fruits and veggies every night so i accomplished my goal. i bout me allot of clothes tonight also and i felt good doing it. Now my second mini goal is to go through all my old clothes and get rid of the ones that don't fit and are falling off me.
  • Mspmpayne
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    Well crap....... I only walked 6 miles not 10. Guess that book will have to wait. Congrats everyone for your goal achievements!
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