Feb. 1st Weigh In!!

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Best of luck!!!


  • 12qw34
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    I have not lost any weight since January 1st, but I gave up drinking alcohol Dec. 10th and am working out for an hour most days. I do not eat fast food or drink soda, so I am doing a lot of things right! Any words of wisdom from the steady losers? I know my eating habits could be more structured.
  • AmandaStrickland1
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    Way to go on giving up drinking alcohol! You're taking the right steps :) Give your body time to adjust, and drink lots of water! Eat small meals 5-6 times a day. I've noticed by eating smaller meals, my stomach can't even hold a large meal anymore, I feel so full! But, the best thing I have noticed works for me, is eating my last meal around 6:00. No later. And then eating a good healthy breakfast sets the tone for the day :) It's not a sprint to the finish... so, don't get discouraged. :)
  • walking_woman
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    Like you 12qw34 I have not lost weight. I am working on habits. Log everything, move more, attempt to not eat at night, drink water regularly. Basically more awareness.

    I believe the weight will come off when I am in sync. It is not easy seeing no movement on the scales but it is not going up.

    I have also found issues with digesting particular foods. The longer in my system the worse I feel and I believe there is a link to them holding onto weight by turning into more carbs/sugar.

    I know if I remove them from my diet it makes a difference on the scale.

    All in time for me. Habits, habits habits.
  • budgerigar
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    Start: 160
    Today: 156
    Net: (4)

    Pretty happy considering that my carb up and treat meal was last night. I thought about putting yesterday's weight down or weighing in tomorrow (it's still the 31st here), but I like the idea of passing that water weight cushion on to next month. B)
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    I really think i will have a loss this week now i have finished getting rid of my Christmas regain
  • bowser2301
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    I started at 221.5 on January 1st I am now on Feb 1st I am at 213. Hope to continue till I reach my goal of 180.
  • Rebekah170786
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    Start weight: 180
    Goal Weight: 160

    01/01: 180
    01/02: 170
  • yogicarl
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    Plateaued this week - target weight 140-ish, but sticking now at 162. Must log better and planning that any day I can't get to swim, I must walk at least 30 minutes briskly. At the moment if I cant get out to swim, I don't bother doing anything.
  • lexbubbles
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    edited February 2015
    Challenge start: 156.5
    Challenge goal: 141

    01/01: 156.5
    01/02: 150.75

    Goal by March 1: 146
  • BrettWithPKU
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    My tips:
    1. No liquid calories. No soda, no alcohol. I go so far as to drink my coffee black--that may be a bit extreme. . . .
    That no alcohol thing is tough--I homebrew as a hobby and I can't drink my concoctions!

    2. Drink water. Lots of water. I drink about a gallon a day.

    3. Make breakfast your largest meal of the day.

    4. If you can double your exercise with another hobby it helps. For me, 45 minutes on the treadmill is 45 minutes of reading time.

    That's all I have for now. Best of luck!
  • Palamedes
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    Beginning Weight: 246.4
    Start Challenge: 203 (1/1/2015)
    Current Weight: 197.4 (2/2/2015)

    That makes my January weight loss 5.6 pounds. Total weight loss is now at 49 pounds. Although my current goal weight is set at 195 pounds, I plan to reset my weight down to 172. 172 was my weight when I got out of the US Army over 25 years ago. The rest of my life plan would be to keep my weight between 170 and 175.
  • 12qw34
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    Thank you for the great tips! This weight loss journey is not easy but I am not planning on giving up! Hopefully I will see some results on the scale this month! Best of luck everyone meeting your February goals!
  • mkirby
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    1/1/2015 239.8
    1/2/2015 233.3

    6.5lb off in Jan. Would have been more but went out for food for my mums 60th so that skewed everything, i was at 9.7lb down at one point. Still very happy with that.
  • beccyleigh
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    19/01/16 247
    25/01/16 245
    01/02/16 243

    4 lbs off since joining this challenge. Am hoping to increase this with more exercise in Feb but Jan has been particularly difficult with recurrent illness & sinus problems all month making working out quite hard.
  • Globug583
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    12qw34....It's not always about the scale. I would recommend you get out a tape measure and begin recording your measurements. I found that with my exercise I was building muscle and therefore the scale was not being friendly to me. Muscle has a much greater density (it takes up less volume than an equal mass of fat), it’s possible to get visibly slimmer without a significant drop in weight. My measurements were going down and that really encouraged me. Good luck!
  • 12qw34
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    Thank Globug583! I have found this to be true when I exercise. People have commented on my "weight loss" in the past when the scale has not moved. At almost 50 my goal is not to lose muscle. I am trying to stick to the path I am on and make adjustments to what I am doing when needed.
  • meeksmommy
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    Start 262
    2/1/15 247.2
    Easter Goal 235

    Down 14.8!
  • RamonaMoon
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    Made it through the first month with only a couple of hiccups!
    01/01: 166.6lbs
    02/01: 160 lbs

    Total loss: 6.6 lbs! A third of the way there!
  • FixItDuck
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    I'm down 1.4kg, which isn't as much as I was aiming for, but I haven't been quite as strict as I planned, about logging and eating well and a loss is a loss.

    My biggest success is that I am progressing with C25K and nearly finished week 3. I've had a couple of days where I just see how long I can run for and I'm able to run for 4 minutes now which is a huge achievement for me.

    Overall, I'm happy with the results I'm getting for the effort I've put in.
  • watersm04
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    SW 229.2
    Challenge goal 200
    Feb 4th: 222.3