8th Weigh In: February 20th

GrammyPeachy Posts: 1,723 Member
I hope everyone is having a GREAT week! :)



  • ejdp254
    ejdp254 Posts: 342 Member
    New weight 190!
  • GrammyPeachy
    GrammyPeachy Posts: 1,723 Member
    Congrats ejdp254!!!
  • 1crvygrl
    1crvygrl Posts: 500 Member
    I'm back at my starting weight :#

    CW 207.6

  • Frayde
    Frayde Posts: 321 Member
    I am also where I was January 1, but I'm sure part of it is sodium. Too many pickles, too much wonderful Chinese food. So: will not buy any more pickles, and I ate all that were in the frig; AND, my son is headed back to China on Monday, so my diet will get back on track then! I will miss him terribly until I see him again next February, but my scale won't.

    Also, as soon as the snow and ice melts, I will increase my walking to 24 miles/week.