Still trying to lose? Still losing?

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Prior to getting pregnant, I was at a 1200 calorie diet, mostly because of one of my autoimmune disorders. I was at a higher number and just wasn't losing, so my doctor told me to keep cutting until I found my "magic" number. I was burning about 500-600 a day per my HRM. I'd eat back about half, sometimes more if I was hungry. Anyway.

So, positive pregnancy tests. I upped my calories to 1500. Now I've slowed down my exercise burns to about 200-300 and went from 5-7 days a week to 3-4 days a week. I eat all exercise calories back, or at least try to on these days.

I have not gained any weight. In fact, I have lost about half a pound. I'll be 7 weeks tomorrow. This is my 4th baby. The others, I gained 5-10 in the first trimester.

I am not TRYING to lose anymore, but is it really bad if I do lose some because of my healthier habits? I don't want to eat just for the sake of eating. Due to my celiac disease, I eat mostly fresh foods (meat, veggies, eggs, fruit, almond milk, nuts--pretty much my whole diet).

My OB was not concerned when I mentioned I had been maintaining or that I was eating 1500 calories. I just worry sometimes. I am extremely overweight anyway (5'2 and currently 209.4 lbs).

I am really just trying to maintain my weight at least through the first half of my pregnancy. Maintaining or losing a little the whole time would be just fine with me too so long as I know I'm eating right and myself and baby are healthy.

Sorry for the long post. Is anyone still trying to lose or just maintain along with their doctors approval/supervision?


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    I maintained until 15 weeks, then increased my calories to gain 0.5 lb per week. My OB said he didn't want me losing a bunch of weight while pregnant, but he was ok with not gaining much at all. I'm also slightly overweight.
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    I maintained for awhile too! The heavier your prepregnancy weight is the less you need to gain! My first pregnancy i started off at 180 and maintained til the 3rd trimester and gained only 8 lbs. The next few years i went up to 211 and lost weight the year before I got pregnant with my second. I started off at 166 this time and went down to 159 (morning sickness/lack of appetite) and now im at 170 but i didnt gain until recently and im 27 weeks
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    My doctor isn't concerned with how things are now. I even told her, look, I log EVERYthing I eat... you can look at my phone to see everything! With my 3 kids... I gained 60, 18, 24. I'm hoping to gain 10-15 total.
  • I used a pregnancy weight gain calculator and it advised me to gain only 1 lb in the first trimester so that my goal. The doctor is ok with it too.

    I'm not a foctor, buy if you're eating right and you're not hungry then you should be ok. Especially if you do have your doctor's approval. :)
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    I talked to my doctor too and will be maintaining during the first trimester. Just before getting pregnant I was same as you 1200 calories plus exercise calories (5 dyas a week about 520 calories). I uped it to about 1630 calories plus exercise calories and I have been maintaining with slight fluctuations.
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    I was at 170 for my first pregnancy and they wanted me to gain only 11lbs. The more you weigh the less you need to gain. The guidelines are easily googled if you want to find them online. (I'm 5 ft 3 in).

    Now at 153 and interested in #2. I was hoping to weigh less/be more fit...oh well. Age is a factor when you want a lot of kids.
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    I've lost about five pounds so far and I'm entering my second trimester but I was already considered overweight so my doctor doesn't seem worried. Read a few articles that losing or maintaining weight if you are obese during pregnancy does not harm the baby. Your body usually makes sure they get what they need first
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    I'm so glad I found this! I'm in maintenance now with some hesitation and a lot of different feedback. After gainin 60 lbs with #1 and 40 with #2. My doc says only 20 lbs maximum. So I started keeping track of everything I eat! I'm hoping anything over maintenance could come from the fat stores I already have. I weigh 187 (2-4lbs gained during first tri) and 5'7"-8". If anyone wants please add me. I really am enjoying the New mama friends I've made with the same goals as me :)
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    @NerdieMcChub we've got similar stats, I haven't seen doc yet and won't for a few weeks so as its my first I don't really know what's acceptable. I did some searching and it seems like maybe should aim for 10-20 lb gain. So until told otherwise I'm going to try and push for that and try to maintain through 1st trimester for sure.
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    Be mindful. The way my OB instructed me was to eat up to 500 more than what I am now. Baby will get the nutrition then I will get the nutrition. As far as working out, keep going only limit my HR to around 120-140. She was okay with me still losing weight slowly as long as baby continues to grow fine, and I stopped feeling dizzy (found out that I was pregnant because of this, and increasing my caloric intake helps). Currently, I am just trying to maintain as much as possible until that second trimester. A chart I found online told me I should gain between 10 and 20 pounds per my height and weight.