Moving on from SL?

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So I've been doing SL since October of last year and I am getting a little tired/bored of doing the same thing all the time. This is probably largely because I am no longer making gains every workout, or even every week. I think I'm been struggling with 60 and 65lbs on OHP since January. I should have probably switched to 3x5s a while ago and I think I will start 3x5s next week on everything but squats. But I am still focused on losing weight and I don't expect too much progress on upping the weights so I'm thinking of switching to something else entirely soon.

Does an intermediate program like Madcow or Wendler's make more sense or should I just look for another beginners program? I'm thinking of trying Strong Curves as I have covet a bigger booty... Does anyone have experience with that? How did you like it compared to SL?

Oh and this is formerly nancy274 with a name change :D


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    I am still new enough that I am ok with 5x5, but did you see the sticky at the top about life after 5x5?
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    I only did 12 weeks of stronglifts and could have kept going but I switched over to NROLFW for a couple of reasons. My stepsister gave me the book for christmas so figured I could at least give it a try even if I don't follow it after a given amount of time. I did SL in part because I wasn't comfortable learning 10 new things let alone changing up often, so it gave me a good starting base back into lifting. I was ready to learn some new lifts, after the 12 weeks, and get out of my comfort zone more. I do miss the rep range a bit and might go back to SL format after NROLFW or something similar as I do like having some accessories, but haven't made any decisions yet. Plus, look forward to anything with less lunges (though I don't mind some) and definitely no crunches. lol
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    mirrim- I read the sticky but not a lot of information re other programs so just wondering what other people's experiences were.

    Dawn- I know what you mean. I chose SL because of the simplicity of only learning 5 lifts. But I think i might be ready for some additional lifts.
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    I've been doing SLs since July last year. I've contemplated moving to 3x5 several times but I just love the format and am still making gains every so often. I completed NrOlfw before SLs so I throw in variations of different exercises sometimes and have a great list is accessories that I do as well which I learned from Nrolfw.
    I'm thinking that I'll try 3x5 next then move onto wendlers.
    If you're no longer enjoying SLs then def move into something else! I've heard strong curves is quite similar but with a booty focus that only Bret can do lol
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    What I did was switch to 3x5 with accessories for a while then moved to wendlers for awhile. Then back to sl for a bit and now I'm doing wendlers again.
    There are a few points to consider. Time is one of them wendlers is generally run 4x a week but depending on the accessories you do, doesn't take as much time. 3x5 and accessories doesn't make any significant changes to patterns and routines that you have already built. Wendlers also means you only squat heavy once a week with can be nice depends on your working weight.
    I'd say if you are comfortable with the moves in stronglifts you should be fine moving to an intermediate program.