Newbie... need friends & advice

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Hi... I'm new on here. I had vsg 3/5/15. Im looking for friends, advice & any recommendations. I've hit my first stall & problems going to the bathroom ... Is this normal at this stage???


  • Thaeda
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    Stalls happen. Very normal. Keep following your nutritional plan. Constipation also happens. Very normal. I use Miralax. Congrats on being sleeved!
  • klcovington
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    Hi! Sounds normal...I have hit many stalls since 9/18/14 when I was sleeved. I use Miralax and that helps when I need it. Just stay consistent and with your program and you will move along. Congrats on sleeve (on my birthday!)
  • dsjsmom23
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    Hi & welcome!!!
    Stalling at this point is VERY common. So common in fact, it's got it's own name... the dreaded three week stall LOL
    It will pass. Just keep doing your thing, and the weight will come off again.
    My advice is to step back from the scale for a few days. Maybe just pick one day per week to weigh yourself on.
    One thing I found since my surgery (June 24, 2014) is I will lose for a few weeks, then stall. When the scale is not moving, that's when my body is changing, and i'm losing inches.
    If you haven't already done so, I HIGHLY suggest doing all your measurements. You will be SHOCKED at the inches you will lose. I am SO glad I did my measurements before my surgery.

    Re: Bathroom, totally normal as well. I still have issues at 9 months. My surgeon has given me permission to take a ducolax as needed. Be VERY careful to not get backed up. It is not fun.
    I also take a stool softner to prevent that. (I take a prescription iron supplement, so bathroom issues are big for me lol *iron can cause constipation)

    Congratulations on your surgery!!! Wishing you all the best!
  • jove102
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    Hi I had my sleeve done in January...I stalled and had to take a look at what I was doing and really started measuring and counting my calories...once I did that I have not stalled since...I try not to use medications as much as possible so if I get constipated I try prune juice (if you can handle sugar) or eat yogurt for breakfast...but I'm sure the medications work too...
  • duffslove
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    Hi, and congratulations on your sleeve :) i was sleeved on 3/4/15..kinda feel like im stalled or at least slowing way down this last week too, so i listened to the advice my MFP friends gave me a few days ago..stalls are normal, so i waited a few days and even though i have only lost .08 lb since, i am actually now about to drop down another size, i couldnt hardly keep my pants up yesterday when i put them on. i didnt take my measurements before surgery, but my husband is going to do mine tonight so that i know when im stalled (or feel stalled) that i have anotherway of measuring my progress other than just the scale. Good luck and congratulations again! Feel free to friend me if you'd like
  • seaghdha1072
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    Hi congrats on your surgery. I have big problems with constipation. I try to make sure I get my 64oz water in daily and I take a stool softener daily which helps.