Timing when to change programs

questionfear Posts: 527 Member
I am enjoying Strong Lifts but slowly ready for a change of pace. I was considering trying Wendler's 5/3/1, but I'm not sure how to time the changeover.

I am having surgery in mid-May that will restrict me from lifting anything heavier than 2lbs for 2-3 weeks, but then I'll be free to go back to my normal routine. I was thinking since that would be a natural de-load point that it might be a good time to start a new program, but is that too much? Should I stick it out with SL until I'm back to normal from surgery?

Thoughts, opinions, suggestions on how I'm going to survive 2-3 weeks without any working out at all?


  • LazyFoodie
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    I would vote for after surgery since it would be a natural stopping point for SL. But my vote is personality driven. I like to mentally prepare myself so I end up thinking about something for a while and then doing it so waiting a few weeks would work for me.
  • questionfear
    questionfear Posts: 527 Member
    Thanks, I am thinking the same thing. Plus then I can just count wherever I stop in Stronglifts as my 1RM for Wendler calculations, which will probably peg them just on the low end which is fine.