Warning - Folks with High Blood Pressure, please read

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Well, I found out today completely by accident, mind you, that apparently most ACE inhbitors, most beta blockers, and pretty much any basic traditional medication for high blood pressure may cause high blood potassium in those supplementing potassium in any non-food way. So lo-salt, no salt, potassium pills, etc.

High blood potassium can have deadly consequences. Now, I don't have the majority of the warnings on that list, I'm in the process of changing medications (due to extreme sun sensitivity - blistering/allergic reaction after literally only moments in sunlight), and finding all this out AFTER THE FACT has really made me upset.

Also, if you have uncontrolled diabetes, supplementing potassium can be really bad for you, as can taking NSAIDS, and any number of medications. PCOS NOTE: spironolactone (Aldactone) is on the dangerous interactions list.... This is the one you are generally given to help stop hair growth...

Now, don't freak out - because this kind of thing isn't overly common, but the fact that I've been doing Keto for almost two months now, and LCHFMP in the month before that, that this diet was recommended to me medically and that doctor had at least a loose knowledge of my overall medications, and all this - yet I have never once heard to be careful with that supplement - aside from the obvious - "don't use too much, it can be deadly" from some of our more experienced members.

I hate all of the interactions in medications, and this one in particular set me back a few mental paces, so I wanted to pass on the awareness. For the record, the one medication I'm on in particular is Lisinopril - generic for Zestril, I think. So please, make sure your pharmacist knows everything you take, including your dietary habits - by law and trade, pharmacists are required to have a far deeper knowledge of medicine interactions than doctors (for whom medications are only a portion of overall treatment)....

PSA over... Thanks!


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    Yeah, it says that on the info for my blood pressure meds (spiro). It's probably part of why keto made me sick and I won't do it, my heart rate dropped really low. So I just avoid sugars.
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    It seems like the "healthier" and better I supposedly get, the more complicated and varied issues I develop. I'm about ready to ditch all the meds and supplements, be miserable for a month to clear the queue and start the heck over!!! It's ridiculous.

    P.S. The low heart rate can be a sign of both too little potassium and too much, stupidly enough. I'm glad you paid attention enough to do the best for your health! And there are so many more degrees of eating than just Keto....keto is very low carbs. LowCarb HighFat ModerateProtein can have as many as 100 grams of carbs or as little as 0.... For people without problems with carbs, they can have as many as 150 grams of carbs, and still have the LC effects... Just for your info.