May 21

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Well, it's our last week! I've lost 35 lbs so far for this challenge. :)
Let's see what we can do in this last week!
I'm hoping for at least .8 of a pound more. That would put me at 120 pounds total lost!!!



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    Wow, Cheryl! Can it really be our last week? Time has flown! So much has happened. I certainly haven't gotten down to where I intended, but I did say I was going to try maintenance for a while. I started on 1/1 at 185 and today I'm 176.8. So I haven't lost a bunch, but some. All told, I'm down about 123 from my all time high of 300. I can walk 5 miles easily, 8 miles with effort, and I can get up and down from the floor. I can plank, I can sort of do a push up. Those are things I could never do until after I was 50 years old. So progress has been made.

    I'm not really sure now whether I want to keep trying to lose or whether I want to do maintenance until September as was my plan. I guess I have to suss it out. I'll give it some thought between now and next week!

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    Awesome Carolyn! I agree, time has flown. Here we go!