Upset Tummy

shortypage1123 Posts: 49 Member
Ok friends. What do you use for a not so happy tummy? I use to drink ginger ale or pepsi. Now that I don't drink sodas anymore I am at a loss, Not feeling so well today.


  • gldngrl7
    gldngrl7 Posts: 13 Member
    Peppermint tea! I find that works very well.
  • JreedyJanelle
    JreedyJanelle Posts: 645 Member
    Tea is what I use too. You can also shake the ginger ale so there are no bubbles and try that. but I think the bubbles are what help...
  • garber6th
    garber6th Posts: 1,894 Member
    I make ginger tea with fresh grated ginger and some lemon, a little stevia if I want it sweet.
  • 2BeHappy2
    2BeHappy2 Posts: 811 Member
    Hot/warm lemon water/tea
  • jove102
    jove102 Posts: 68 Member
    At a store near me they have something called herbal infused water and one flavor is ginger and lemon...ginger ale doesn't even contain any ginger (read the ingredients) also try fennel and peppermint is good too...
  • mycatsnameisbug
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    I too swear by ginger. I get ginger lozenges at the natural food coop and that helps a lot. Sometimes I also do candied ginger (but it does have a lot of sugar so use caution). A friend of mine also used ginger throughout her entire (very difficult) pregnancy. At one point she was on an IV the vomiting was so bad. She was eating/drinking so much she smelled like it! But it worked and cured the massive nausea she had even when antinausea meds didn't even help.