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Good Morning everyone, I am 30 yrs old 5' 3" and weight 159lbs. Yesterday I confirmed that I AM pregnant!! I am currently 4 weeks along and feel good so far. I did start to feel queezy this morning so I am sure the nausea and vomiting is right around the corner. I will start tracking my weight on the weight gain category and well my goal with this pregnancy is to be healthy and fit. I don't want to gain any unnecessary weight. I also wanted to congratulate all the mommies to be and look forward to this journey!


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    Hi raqufern! Another mom expecting a 2016 baby! I'm 34 (also 5'3!) and 7 weeks along, expecting my first. So far I haven't been eating as healthy as usual, mostly because nothing sounds good and then everything I eat makes me feel sick (thank you, pregnancy) so hopefully it evens out, lol!

    Welcome & congrats!
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    Yay! Congratulations!
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    Hi! Congratulations! I am also due January 2016. I am currently 6 weeks and feeling really good so far. I have some heartburn, insomnia and a bit of fatigue, but thankfully no nausea yet. This is my second baby and I remember feeling really sick with the first. I spent the first 16 weeks laying around and feeling sorry for myself.

    I only gained 25lbs last time, but I wasn't as active or healthy as I could have been. The recovery period was really tough and my body image took a big hit. My goal this time around is to be active and strong and eat well the majority of the time. I am hoping to gain between 20 and 25lbs and to stay toned.

    Right now, I am doing a daily strength training circuit and trying to add 30 minutes of cardio 3-4 times a week. I'm also being careful that I get my fruits, vegetables and proteins, even when I just want carbs all day.
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    Congratulations and welcome! Kudos to you for having a goal of staying fit during your pregnancy. I think you'll find this site is very useful and supportive. I'm 38 weeks today and have loved having the folks on this site to share experiences and bounce questions off of.
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    Hi everybody! I'm 28 and expecting my first in February 2016. Turns out, instead of training for that cute little dress I bought that was just a bit snug, I'm making a baby! Looking forward to maintaining the habits I've been working so hard to establish and welcoming our little one into the world. So far so good, I'm 5 weeks along.
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    Hello and welcome! Congratulations on your pregnancy @WestslopeCutty! :)