Happy Pride Month!

hmrambling Posts: 321 Member
Anyone doing anything in their city for Pride month?


  • kraigiark
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    edited June 2015
    Headed to Munich pride and Prague Pride in July!

    This'll be the first year in a long time that I'll be missing DC pride. :(
    HELL0_MARLA_HOOCH Posts: 10 Member
    I've actually never been to pride.
    Unless you count the time in high school when I went downtown to go to my favorite resale shop and was caught in the traffic/parade. I was mortified because I was "straight" :D

    Oh how times have changed.
  • CarterSimms
    CarterSimms Posts: 11 Member
    I don't know about any pride activities in my city.. But I wanna go.
  • therealpatrick
    therealpatrick Posts: 14 Member
    I live in a small conservative town in East Texas and this weekend will be our second annual Pride Festival. It's amazing to me how much things have changed in the years since I was a kid here. There was a time when no one would even acknowledge gay people existed in our community, now we have proclamations from the Mayor and city council members lining up for speeches at our event.
  • acstl
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    Pride St. Louis is June 26-28
  • feithne
    feithne Posts: 60 Member
    wichita pride isnt until september for some reason, but im totally gonna go when it rolls around!
  • MandaLeigh123
    MandaLeigh123 Posts: 351 Member
    Woo hoo! I'm singing with my LGBTQ+ choir in the pride parade on Sunday. I can't wait. It's my second year marching and its an amazing experience.
  • GetSexyU
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    In Dallas we actually celebrate Pride in September(I think because of the heat factor), but there are still some places that have events in June. lol I celebrate in June and September!
  • hmrambling
    hmrambling Posts: 321 Member
    The Baton Rouge Pride was great. We even participated in the Blessing of the Relationships. :)
  • suzecate
    suzecate Posts: 9 Member
    I tend to avoid Pride festivities because I'm uneasy around crowds, but this year I plan to run the Pride 5K in the morning.