JJ Update - Married and Pregnant

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For those who don't know me - I used to be a regular. I joined this group in Mar 2011, not long after it was created. Learned a LOT about how guys think and how they were perceiving the things I said and did - OFTEN not the way I intended! Just wanna let everyone know I’m happily married and (despite my “first date convo” that I’m NOT having more kids) we are expecting a child soon. Cool thing is, this is the healthiest of my pregnancies and I have gained very little weight so far.

I didn’t see too many familiar faces in the recent posts (except Florian - hi!!), but if you’re still lurking out there then I just wanted to let you know I’m thinking of ya and wish you the best.


  • flimflamfloz
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    Yep, I'm still alive and kicking!

    Really happy to hear that news :D
    All the best for this and the future!
  • lacroyx
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    Hi JJ! Congrats on everything!
  • OperationSuperKAT
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    Such great news, JJ!! Very happy for you
  • JanieJack
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    thanks y'all
  • kimad
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    Congrats!!! That's awesome on the marriage and pregnancy!!

    It's been eons since I've been in here. I'm happily married now too but no babies for us :)
  • hmoobninja
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    Hi JJ!!! Wow, it's been years! Thank you for the update. It's great to see you're doing well. Awww now I'm all nostalgic, missing the peak days of Single Peeps. Haha.