Weigh In Week 2: Monday 12th October - Sunday 18th October

SquishyVicki Posts: 280 Member
Hi all

I hope the week has gone well! Here is this week's post for all weigh in's and losses (hopefully) for week two taking us from today all the way up to Sunday.

For me....not a good week. I was travelling last week in Paris so a maintain for me. I hope you've all done better! :smile:


  • SquishyVicki
    SquishyVicki Posts: 280 Member
    SW = 197.8
    Week 1 = 198.6
    Week 2 = 198.6
    Hopefully I will find my motivation soon (either that or I ate it!!) at least you guys all keep me accountable! :smile:
  • Ruffordhens
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    edited October 2015
    Week 1:144.5lbs
    Weeks 2: 143lbs

  • vegemitesandwich
    vegemitesandwich Posts: 66 Member
    01/10 - 66.3
    08/10 - 66.1
    15/10 - 65.5

    I've spent the past 5 or 6 days on 65.5, said F it and ate a bit over maintenance yesterday (hello frustration), wake up today? Still 65.5! I mean I'm glad it's not WORSE, just damn, what do I have to do to drop it eh.
  • K2Sakura
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    edited October 2015
    Sorry for the late post
    03/10: 83.6 kg
    11/10: 84.4 kg
    15/10: 82.9 kg

    For past 1 week I am partying with my friends like crazy. It's been a while since we all got together. Now no more excuses, I need to burn extra calories of the cocktails and pizza and all the unhealthy food I had. (>_<)
  • franciss
    franciss Posts: 28 Member
    01/10 - 94 Kg (207 lbs)
    08/10 - 92 Kg (203 lbs)
    15/10 - 92 Kg (203 lbs)
    No weight loss I think due to it was my week of period pains.
    That does not motivate me to exercise.
    Will try my best again up coming week

    SW: 95 Kg (209 lbs)
    IW: 75 Kg (165lbs)
  • Toria718
    Toria718 Posts: 396 Member
    Name: Laura
    Sw 195
    Week 1 190
    Cw 188.2

    Week Loss -1.8 lb
    Total loss -6.8 lb
  • miztessbert
    miztessbert Posts: 183 Member
    Oct 1: 162.6 lbs
    Oct 8: 161.8 lbs
    Oct 15: 160.0 lbs

    WooHoo -- 1.8 lbs lost. 10 lbs to go to meet end of year goal. :)
  • 2020pinktogo
    2020pinktogo Posts: 3,444 Member
    sw =145
    week 1= 144.5
    week2= 144.5

    rough couple weeks daughter is ill and I did well in not gaining weight as in the past I would eat everything in site to calm down. Why is it they never call you unless they are sick or something is wrong so you can worry and drive yourself crazy. ;) Going to try and get my act together this week.
  • SquishyVicki
    SquishyVicki Posts: 280 Member
    Wow - well done guys.
    We're already 8 lbs down between those of us who weighed in!
  • Melonpaul
    Melonpaul Posts: 323 Member
    Challenge Starting Weight: 175.5 lbs
    Week 1: 175
    Week 2: 173.5

    Total Loss: 2.0 lbs
    Goal Weight: 165 - 160 lbs

    WOO HOO! We got this!
  • frontdoorangel
    frontdoorangel Posts: 34 Member
    SW: 234
    10/5/15 CW: 196 (weight when I found the challenge)
  • RaeBeeBaby
    RaeBeeBaby Posts: 4,323 Member
    Starting weight this challenge 161
    Last week - 159.4
    Today - 159.4
    Goal weight by Christmas - 150
    Ultimate goal weight - 145

    Well, no weight loss this week but no gain, either. Just have to keep going and try a bit harder this coming week!
  • SquishyVicki
    SquishyVicki Posts: 280 Member
    Well done everyone....a few people haven't weighed in this week but still between those of us who have, we've still lost 11.5 lbs!! Whoop.

    That's over 32 lbs so far so a great job guys! :smile:
    Make sure you have a look at this week's weigh in thread to log. Good luck!! Vx
  • SquishyVicki
    SquishyVicki Posts: 280 Member
    DISCUSSION CLOSED - please see weigh in week 3 thread to record this weeks loss :smile:
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