Starting Over and Loose Skin

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I posted this on my feed but I think I will copy it here as well.
It might help someone else to know they are not alone.

Seems like I am always "starting over". Oh well, at least I haven't given up. I need to be more committed to myself. I think what pissed me off is someone referred to me as a "chub"...that didn't sit well with me. I'm not some big fat fish. This person does not know me. Post weightloss surgery my body IS "ugly" in places...the skin issues are not pleasant to look at. I don't think before surgery I was totally prepared for that or realized what would happen. When I go to the Deep Water class wearing a swimming suit I am nearly totally exposed in public...especially in the abdominal and chest areas. Not sure with strength training if that will ever improve much. It is what it is. I mean what's worse, being fat with "nice" skin or weigh less and have weightloss major wrinkles. Sorry about this post, I don't want to start off my week on a downer. Can I trade in my body for a new one, about 30 years younger too?


  • dcc56
    dcc56 Posts: 172 Member they think I am some big ugly chubby fish used for bait. Sticks and stones as they say. I've been called worse things related to my size all my life. That was just a new one on me. This person is not a friend, certainly doesn't know me or about my loss...they purely judged me on what i look like now. They didn't say it to me directly, I was just told by a friend what someone said. I've chosen to ignore it.
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    Good for you, it sounds like a small minded person who has to make others feel bad to make themselves feel good. We are on this journey to improve our health not to win a beauty pageant. Keep up the good work!
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    The ugliness that people hurl says everything about them- nothing about you. Some people think they have to tear down others to make themselves feel better. Yes, we are going to have excess/loose skin. But, we can move better, we are healthier, and most of the time we are wearing clothes that can cover that issue. Don't be discouraged. Keep moving forward.
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    It's a shame that your friend felt it necessary to tell you something that made you feel bad when they could have kept silent or spoken up for you and your situation. If you feel uncomfortable being so exposed perhaps you could wear a t-shirt into the water. Remember you are healthier now and you are doing this for you. Good luck.
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    There are always those that have to bring people down. I am very self conscious about my loose skin but for the most part it is hidden. People will always find something to make fun of. If that's all they've got, then I'm doing alright :). Keep doing what you are doing and hold your head up high!
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    I'm not sure why your friend felt the need to tell you what was said, but I know having significant amounts of loose skin can be frustrating and embarrassing. I have lots of loose skin myself, but I don't let it hender me. Yeah I have batwings, saggy belly skin and loose upper thighs, but overall I feel better about myself then I ever have. I have taken on the attitude that I look pretty damn good for where I've come from and what other people think of me is none of my business. I wear tank tops, shorts, bathing suits and don't really give any thought to what others think. As long as I'm comfortable in my own skin, that's all that matters.