Working out while gaming?

I spent a lot of my free time in the evenings and weekends gaming. Actually, the majority of my free time is gaming. I am trying to come up with different ways to work in Calisthenics during my gaming to create a win-win situation.

Currently, I have started to do push-ups, crunches, and squats between each one of my Hearthstone matches equal to the rank in the ladder I am. For example, it is the beginning of the month so I have started at rank 17. After each match, I will take a moment to knock out 17 push-ups, crunches, and squats. Over the period of an evening, I play 10-12 matches so that would be around 170-204 reps of each. That seems like a lot, but they are broke into 7-8 minute intervals which takes the stress off a bit. As the month goes on, my rank will get lower, and the number of reps will drop to give my body some recovery.

I have also thought about trying to fit the same idea into Heroes of the Storm, Fallout 4, FFVII (yes I am playing through it... again).

What do you think? Does anyone else do this?


  • alikonda
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    That's awesome! Yeah, when I used to play a lot of League of Legends, I used to do "queueing exercises" where I'd pick an exercise and go until I either found a match or muscle failure (sometimes matchmaker was just too slow!). In general, I think I prefer a dedicated workout period to just get it over with, but periodic calisthenics are absolutely better than nothing!
  • Slimithy
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    I am thinking about taking my 3DS with me while on the elliptical or stationary bike. A game like Pokemon that doesn't require twitch reactions might work. I've also played MTG and Hearthstone while on the elliptical before.
  • Negative_X
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    One of these might be useful while you game.

    Would be even better if you could hook it up to a game and your character only moves if you're pedaling. Actually wouldn't be surprised if someone made one already.
  • kitonlyhuman
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    I used to do something similar but I got distracted a lot. I am really enjoying the Wii Fit! I just turn on the free run and go at it while watching Netflix. =D
  • guinevere96
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    Sometimes when I jog at the gym I set up my phone on the treadmill and play Hearthstone lol
  • Afura
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    I keep a set of hand weights at my desk. I may have to try the intermittent routine in between quests in LOTRO. Or every time someone sends me on an errand they're too lazy to do (I'd never stop some nights).
  • TheArchyBunker
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    Not a bad idea actually.
  • abm91
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    My dear fellow MFP gamer....Respect to you!

    I did something very similar to this before. It worked out great, I even made a detailed workout plan with rules exceptions and all that. Unfortunately i kinda over killed my body on some days cause i was doing mine for games like COD, and doing different things for Deaths, kills, Captures, Defends, and any other stat that was there. Anyway i lost all that when I upgraded my RIG.

    So I got an idea, if you by chance make a gaming workout plan for specific games make a notepad or a Word Doc explaining the types of workouts and the sets and reps and all the good stuff and post it on here somewhere so other gamers who want to work out but still not take time away from their love of gaming can see. I think that would be a great idea for those looking to do both and if multiple People could get into posting their workout gaming routines then we would have plenty of lists for multiple games where people like me for example sit around gaming more then I do not. Anyway its just a thought and I would be happy to Participate if others would to.

    Oh and thank you for the hearthstone one and if you make one for HotS please let me know :D
  • megzchica23
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    That is a good idea. I wish I could do that with Halo 5 but the time between matches is too short. I could do a few but not many.

    I do like to use EA Sports Active or Just Dance because it is a game and I'm moving around and working out at once.
  • rgbmore
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    The closest I get to gaming is listening to Gamegrumps while running long distance. I can watch other youtubers while on the treadmill, too, but Gamegrumps can be hilarious even without the screen.

    I do get a bit of exercise when raging in between Mario Kart or Pokken matches at my friends lol.
  • TK6299
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    Pushups during load times. Plank during load times. Loss punishment jumping jacks.