What have you cut from your diet/added to your diet?

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Hi everyone, I am currently just over 20 weeks pregnant. This weekend while celebrating my husbands birthday it really became apparent to me how much I've changed my diet since becoming pregnant. Out at the restaurant viewing the menu, I realized all my go to dishes were not to be had, normally i would order oysters on the half shell and tuna sashimi to start, a nice glass of red wine and shun the bread basket and dessert. Instead i devoured the bread basket, drank sparkling water with lemon, had soup to start, Dinner options remained relatively the same except i wasn't sure if my usual go-to sea bass was a low mercury fish so I ordered the sable fish, and ordered dessert (and had multiple chocolate treats after). I also sent back the first dessert I ordered ( i usually never send stuff back) because a brandy caramel sauce was poured on it. The waitress tried to tell me that the alcohol burns off when cooking, but why chance it, and also I googled it when I got home and no all the alcohol doesn't burn off when cooking about 75% remains.
So here is my list of things I gave up and added in since becoming pregnant:
Gave up all caffeine, alcohol (obviously), raw fish (i used to eat tons of sushi, smoked salmon, oysters, etc.), pasteurized cheese (i miss feta but i use shaved parmesan on salads instead now and actually found i love it more), undercooked meat (goodbye "blue" steaks), I've cut out all my previous workout supplements (green tea extract, CLA, pre-workout drink mix).
What I haven't given up is things sweetened with artificial sweetener like sucralose or stevia (even though theres no research it is bad for the baby I wanted to give it up but I couldn't do it, still trying to cut back).
I've added in tons of carbs. I used to only eat things like egg whites and vegetables for breakfast, no bread, rice, pasta etc with dinner, only meat and veg. I can't imagine not having my corn flakes and fibre one for breakfast now, bread with dinner, sandwiches, pizza!
I've also tried to add in more healthy fats in the way of peanut butter and nuts and cheese. I used to eat a very low fat diet and I didn't think that was great for the baby.
So what have you cut out/added in?


  • sardelsa
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    For me I avoid alcohol (if something is in a wine sauce I don't worry too much though), raw meats, raw sprouts, runny eggs, high mercury fish, I still have soft cheeses but here in Canada I don't worry about feta I just check the label and make sure it is made with pasteurized milk, I still have a cup of coffee every morning, I still have the occasional protein shake and bars but the ones I used to have use sweeteners so I try to stay away from them. But of course to each their own, listening to your doctor or guidelines according to your country/region is best thing to do. I had really bad nausea first tri so haven't been eating all that well, mostly carbs and candy but now I'm starting to eat a little better and work out again.
  • sarieth05
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    I unfortunately cut out coffee (which is driving me crazy, honestly)! Wasn't much of an alcohol drinker or fish/seafood eater before so that was no problem. I had a sweet tooth before, but it's basically been a million times worse since pregnant, and all I want are sweets and carbs. I did cut out protein shake mixes, but I keep meaning to ask my doctor if there are any they might recommend cause I feel like my protein consumption has overall been super low and I'm not a huge meat eater except for dinner.
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    Alcohol and raw fish, pretty much. I don't consider smoked salmon to be raw. My dad makes it and nothing could be left alive on that stuff. I'm also not worried about mercury in fish. There are no actual studies that show its harmful and i don't eat a huge amount anyway. I'm also not worried about caffeine, but i don't drink much. I'm not worried about cheese, but i also don't eat that much because it's caloric.

    I have also given up sleeping pills and energy drinks, obviously. But my diet on the whole has changed very little.
  • DawnieB1977
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    I'm not pregnant now, but I cut out coffee, except for a cup in the morning, and switched to decaf for the rest of the day. That was a huge change for me as I drink a lot of coffee.
    I stopped eating seafood, and didn't drink alcohol. Neither was a big deal as I don't eat that much seafood and I don't drink much.
    I did eat more carbs though, especially to get through the nausea of the first trimester. And right at the end of all three pregnancies I had a real sweet craving.
  • helenmelon29
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    I havent had to make many changes really.
    I have swapped my coffee to decaf (and havent noticed any difference!), I still have odd cup of tea but dont drink much.
    I dont drink alcohol (except had a small glass of fizz at a wedding a month back).
    I dont really eat any raw fish or smelly style cheeses or Pate so no change there.
    I still eat Feta cheese though (its made with pastrised milk in general here)

    I was eating loads but the last week or so Im not that bothered - must be running out of room to have too much. x
  • steph2strong
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    I'm from Canada too... didn't realize the feta cheese would be fine. In general I think I'm overly cautious about what I consume I just get freaked out easily. I still eat protein bars... Quest bars and Simply Whey bars. I've had all natural protein powder on occasion but I haven't been wanting protein drinks so haven't consumed that much. I never used to eat whole eggs, only egg whites, but I have had the biggest craving for them so eat them almost every day now.
  • JustAnotherGirlSuzanne
    I don't think I've changed too much at all. I never really drank alcohol or ate raw fish so no real change there. Coffee was never really my thing so I drink it about as often as I ever did which is maybe once in a blue moon.
  • theonlysheesha
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    lets see blue cheese dressing and dark soda. Now if I drink soda it a sprite. Most everything else has not change beside now I want more bread and pickles in my diet.
  • SuperSizeMeNot
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    I just found out today that being pregnant were aloud 200 mg of caffeine a day.
  • NikkiSixGuns
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    The only thing I gave up altogether from the get-go was alcohol. Later on I quit eating cold cuts, soft cheeses, and caffeine. I gave up cold cuts/soft cheeses because I read about the risk of listeria and decided it wasn't worth the risk. At first I just cut back caffeinated beverages to almost nothing, then around 7 months I gave it up altogether because it was making my already very active baby go ballistic on my insides! Everything else I had in moderation. I actually switched about half of my carbonated drink intake from diet to regular because I wanted to limit the artificial sweeteners... Not that I drink that much soda.
  • briscomiranda1
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    I've intentionally cut out caffeine, alcohol, undercooked meats, delivered meats, and the soft cheeses. However, my diet has taken a total 180 degree turn since I was 10 weeks pregnant. I now eat a high fat low carb diet due to baby demands lol. Breads, grains, and fruit are out of the question. They make me I'll now. Especially bread. All I want to eat is bacon and eggs. Lol. It's been challenging to keep a healthy weight gain going. I have to eat between 3000 and 5000 calories a day just to maintain and not loose. I'm not complaining though lol. I love to eat.
  • marieamethyst
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    I'm very relaxed during pregnancy, so the only thing I've really changed is not eating grilled chicken (my only aversion) and I've switched to non-alcoholic beers when I have a craving (I plan on having a small glass of wine once a week starting in the second trimester). I still have two or three cups of coffee in the morning, and I usually eat what I'm craving at the moment, including unheated turkey sandwiches.
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    Had to cut out all dairy since it's the only thing that makes me terrible sick. Now I've added in a lot more vegan alternatives though having to cook separately is a new chore.
  • LisaTcan
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    I cut out alcohol, raw fish/meat, packaged salads and non Canadian cheeses. I've still been having one coffee a day although it is usually a latte or cappuccino now instead of black. I've been eating waaaay more carbs than I was before and relaxed about what I eat in general..i.e. eating pizza for dinner or chocolate milk for a snack. I'm also eating dessert, which I never did before, a glass of red wine was my nightly treat.
  • joviwan
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    Decreased-or-cut out: alcohol, caffeine, energy drinks

    Increased-or-more mindful of: iron and protein (bc of vegetarian diet - which also makes the cold cuts, undercooked meats, and types of fish situations pre-solved!)

    Like many others have said, I have noticed increased cravings for carbs and desserts :-P I just track everything, keep in moderation, and don't deprive myself too much :-)
  • steph2strong
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    @LisaTcan i am just like you, a glass of red wine is my nightly treat. During pregnancy brownies, ice cream, cookies, cake and scones became my nightly treat instead!

    Keeping track of iron is something I wish I had done early on. I became quite anemic by the end of the second trimester and felt like crap. I eat tons of animal protein so i didn't think it would be an issue, but it was. Once I started high dose iron replacement i felt a million times better. I could have saved myself several weeks of extreme fatigue, dizziness and racing heart.
  • Eliz_99
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    I stick to two cups of tea per day. I am still eating runny eggs if they have the lion stamp on them. Only thing I have given up is alcohol as I don't really eat the other foods we're not allowed.
  • fit_mama30
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    No more runny eggs (love them.. ugh). Sushis. Wine/alcohol. I've also changed brands of protein powder, I'm more comfortable with the one I am using with now when I'm pregnant. And I've added a bit (lot!!) more carbs to my diet. I'm also more relaxed about what I eat, I'm not super strict and will indulge more often as long as it fits my macros. I did the same with my son and gained 25 pounds which was great.
  • amgreenwell
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    I might be overly cautious but I've cut out tons of foods and cannot wait to eat them again once I'm done breastfeeding.
    My list of off-limits stuff includes: Alcohol, coffee and all caffeine, sushi or any raw fish, smoked salmon, runny eggs, deli sandwich meat, processed meats, mayo that does not come from a jar, soft cheese unless pasteurized, high mercury fish, undercooked meat of any kind (and I LOVE a med. rare steak), supplements.
  • steph2strong
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    @amgreenwell that is impressive that you plan on still abstaining from these things until done breastfeeding. Many of the things like runny eggs, deli meats, soft cheese etc. are just cautioned during pregnancy due to the risk of listeria which can cross through the placenta and pass the infection to the fetus. It won't do anything when breastfeeding so you can have those things. In regards to alcohol, caffeine, medication and supplements, those cross into the breast milk so I understand the want to still abstain. I never planned on drinking caffeine after giving birth too, since i gave it up 2 years ago, well before I became pregnant, I didn't think it would be an issue at all. Yep I was completely wrong. After one week, including 4 complete days in a row of ZERO sleep (I previously didn't think it was possible for a human not to sleep that long and that people exaggerated, nope it's possible, I don't know how, but it's possible) I started drinking caffeine out of desperation and now drink 2 double espresso's, a cup of black tea and a diet coke every morning to get me through the day. It's been a sanity saver for me, I'm the primary caregiver to our son 24/7, my husband works a lot and when he is home he needs to get restful sleep. On a good night I get 4 broken hours of sleep, a bad night none, and I don't get a chance to nap in the day... so yah I love me my caffeine now :)